Helpful Information on Becoming Comfortable With Technology

  Picture1Credit: Photorack  Being tech savvy may mean many various things to many people. From being a robotics engineer, to knowing multiple programming languages, and even simply being able  download a song from iTunes. In this article I'll be giving helpful tips and information to aid anyone trying to become their own definition of tech-savvy, while becoming comfortable with technology. Note this I am writing this article for newer computer users.  Many of you may see this as common sense or second nature just remember not everyone does, just yet at least.
1.    You cannot be afraid of technology. Unless you're building a robot with teeth it won't bite and after all the main goal is to become comfortable with technology, not to let it torment you. So if technology is scarring you, causing stress, or panic take some time off to recollect your self just don't quit right away, give it some time.
2.     Ask questions. The most simple and helpful statement I hope everyone follows, when trying to learn any aspect of anything at all. Since there will most likely be someone who will either do the research for you, or already has to whatever techy question you may have. You just have to ask! Either on a technology-based forum or somewhere like Yahoo answers. Ask away and be patient.
3.     Ignore the trolls, flamers, bashers, or whatever you'd like to call them.  Remember that kid in grade school who'd always say "What a stupid question, why would you ask that!" or any form of that? Well unfortunately the Internet seems to be a magnet for children like that. So when asking a question ignore the replies that are posted for the sole purpose of agitating you. That way you won't be wasting time, when you could be finding the answer to your question. Unless of course you’d like to spend sometime going back in forth on a purposeless fight on the internet.  Which in the end may just ward off the person who holds the answer to your question, but hey it’s your choice.
4.     Search engines are your friends . . . well usually at least.If you're reading this I hope you realized this by now. Using a search engine can save massive amounts of time wasted on asking a question and waiting for a reply.  Odds are someone has already asked the same question. You just have to find it, so search before you ask many people will be grateful if you did trust me you will avoid many replies telling you to use the search bar.
5.     Read, just as you are now. Browse through forums and articles since nothing will make you more proficient in any tech field then reading what experts or even novices have to share. Maybe even write your own article, or share your two cents of information with others. Who knows you might earn more than knowledge and gratitude by doing so.

6.     Trial and error, just go for it. If you’re the type of person that learns by this method then implicate it in whatever tech field you’re attempting to learn more about. It doesn’t get more simple than that, and if you fail just get back up try again, ask questions, do research, use the resources that you have.

7.     Take classes. If learning on your own isn’t cutting it for you than there’s always school. Varying from taking an elective computer class in high school, to taking a cheap class in a community college. I suggest this if you have time and money to spend also if you’re looking forward to utilizing technology as a career path. But if not, one class wouldn’t hurt (Unless you somehow get physically hurt in the process.) A class can help you get comfortable with technology and its evolving implications on today’s world.

That is all, I hope you find this useful in one way or another and wish you good luck on your journey into the internet.

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