Perhaps, out of all the airsoft tactical positions, the Sniper is one of the most coveted. This is understandable due to the fact that the sniper rifle - thanks to video games - is a 'one shot one kill' weapon. Aside from the fact that it requires few to no close combat, it's deadly accuracy makes the opposing force drop still on the ground or scamper for cover. Its intimidating size and weight is not to be taken lightly.

In the army, soldiers undergo stressful and rigorous training to earn the title of Sniper. Although some may argue that being an airsoft sniper is totally different, the accuracy of a sniper's shot – either real or not – still employs the accurate estimate of various factors such as the range of the target, wind direction, wind velocity, altitude, elevation of the sniper and most importantly whether the target is moving or not. Breathing and relaxation are also considered for a well executed shot.

Here are some tips to become a better sniper;

1. Know your rifle – There are quite a number of sniper rifle models out there that mimics the real ones. Choosing the best rifle for your arm's length and the rifle's weight are two top aspects that should be taken into consideration. Even though rifles boast long range and accuracy, it doesn't mean that you'll be able to pull it off. Modifying the weapon to fit your needs is also crucial in the game.

2. Know your role – When you've found the perfect weapon, finding a tactical position in the field could be the difference in the game. When you're designated as a sniper by your leader, this means that he knows your fit for the role. Airsoft snipers are more of a support for an attacking team. Since not all enemies can be detected immediately in the battlefield, airsoft sniper will have to scour the perimeter of enemies in sight and take them out with or without the knowledge of the teammates. Patience is an important trait a sniper should have. Sometimes an airsoft sniper will have to lie down on a bush covered with grass and stay hidden.

3. Ready your backup – All opposing teams are aware that there is probably an enemy sniper positioned anywhere in the field ready to take them out. That is why some teams set up a separate anti-sniper team which is tasked to find the sniper for a more likely win. To protect you from these little skirmishes, a secondary weapon, more likely a hand gun, should be locked and loaded.

4. Relaxation – Being an airsoft sniper is quite boring that is why sometimes the anxiousness of a sniper to make a shot overwhelms the desire to win. When you've found a target, breathing plays an important role in the accuracy of the shot. Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling through the nose will relax your upper body up to the tip of your finger making you squeeze the trigger and not press it.

Still, nothing beats practicing with your Airsoft sniper rifle. Before you head off to the field, set up a can of soda in the backyard and lie down on your stomach without moving for at least 30 minutes to know if you're really up for the position.