In today's economy, it is really hard to find job security. Few fields offer job security, because they may not last, and the job may be irrelevent  within a year or two. There is one job field that is still growing, a field where you can find some sense of security. The medical field is a rewarding career choice, and there are many areas to choose from within this field. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get into the medical field is to become a CNA.

   Cna's are in demand in almost every city or town across the United States, and many times a person can get paid training through a hospital or nursing home if he/she signs a contract to work for the company after graduating from the CNA class. The only thing needed to become a CNA, is the ability to be on your feet most of a 8-12 hour shift, and a caring attitude toward the patients he/she cares for. Becoming a CNA takes between 8-12 weeks on average, and many times a person can work while training.

   Once a person has become a CNA, there are many places a person can choose to work. There are CNA's who work in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, and even independent contracting to care for people. Choose wisely when deciding where to work, if you choose a place you cannot stand, then you will not last long as a CNA. 

   Depending on where a person works, the rate of pay is usually more than you would get if you went to a fast food restaurant and flipped burgers. Some places that need CNA's badly, will sometimes pay very well, and if you become a lead CNA or CNA supervisor, you can expect to make a good amount per hour. I have seen CNA's making up to and over $20 an hour, not bad for a career that does not need college training.

   The last thing a CNA needs to be aware of is burnout, this is a very real possibility when a person does not take enough days off. I have seen it too often, a CNA gets caught up in working overtime, and after doing it for a long period, the job just gets to be too much physically and mentally. Mentally speaking, this job can take a toll on you, that is why it is a good idea to take your days off when you get them.

   All in all, there are some great jobs out there just waiting for CNA's to fill them. And while this is  a career that is very demanding, and mentally draining, this can also be a career that can help you get a foot in the medical field. Once you get your foot in the door, there are so many opportunities, and many hospitals will pay you to go to college to pursue these opportunities. Take advantage of these resources and you will be pleasantly surprised.