My little Daughter

I am about to become a father

I just felt so proud about becoming a father that I needed to share it with the world. Seven and a half months ago now my wife sheepishly popped her head into my office and with a tear in her eye and a big beaming smile on her house she told me she had just taken a pregnancy test and it was positive.

For us this moment was the culmination of years of studying, hard work, sacrifice and above all love. We are very much in love and fully ready for this new phase in our life to begin. The second most exciting words I have ever heard from my wife, apart from I love you, that changed my life instantly and con­tinue to give me enjoy­ment to this very day, I am pregnant. I remem­ber excit­edly but delicately wrap­ping my arms around my beau­ti­ful wife.

Is there any greater testament of your love for a partner than creating a child with that partner? I really cannot get over the fact that I have played a major role in the creation of this little critter that roles, kicks and punches my wife daily.

We recently heard the sad story of a friend who lost their baby nephew to SIDS. The child went to sleep the night before and never woke up. This has us a little freaked but bodes well for my ability to write IB articles whilst I constantly touch my babies chest to make sure she is breathing. I am now on the lookout for something in the Angelcare baby monitor range.

I also recently attended ante-natal classes with my wife and we found ourselves becoming more and more excited and less and less nervous. If I can offer any advice to fathers to be it is to be engaged and involved throughout the entire process, it really is worth it. 

So my gorgeous lit­tle Isabelle,  look for­ward to your arrival and the life­time of gaz­ing upon my great­est creation.