Aerial Yoga 1
Credit: By Marchild (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you remember the joys of hanging upside down as a child? But maybe the back of your knees hurt from the monkey bars… Anti-gravity yoga is more gentle. Do you sometimes feel jealous when you see adults tossing their kids around and the children are laughing in bliss? Well I would like to introduce my new adult tossing service! Just kidding, but you can have some of that pleasure back while doing something good for your health too. So get comfortable with the yoga hammock!

Perhaps you have seen circus performers or dancers do performances with silks, where they fly high above the stage in dramatic poses requiring great strength. Anti-gravity yoga is a bit like this. Though you can certainly challenge yourself with a yoga hammock, there are also much less strenuous ways you can play that still offer some benefits to you, other than living out your fantasy of being a human bat.

Using the hammock can make some yoga poses easier by taking your body weight for example. Some poses can be made more challenging, like if you must stabilize your body weight on the hammock, which moves a little more than most floors.

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Some classes go as far as saying that you will become taller after trying aerial yoga because hanging upside down is effective at lengthening your spine and having gravity stretch you in a way your body is not used to. Similarly, this spinal decompression is said by some to offer some relieve to sciatica. I cannot verify either of these claims, but I do think it is fun and not as scary as it may look.

Additionally, the hammock can function as a swing and WAIT – You guessed it – A HAMMOCK! It is so nice to lay in one in fetal position be cradled. It brings me back to the good old days in the womb.

The height of the hammock should be adjustable to keep you from being too high up, if that’s not your thing. Conversely, it can be raised to keep you from hitting your head on the floor when you are hanging upside down.

Though this is a newly emerging style of yoga, its popularity is growing, and with it the number of schools offering classes.

If you are looking for something unique, with the potential to be challenging and relaxing, find an anti-gravity yoga class near you!