I work as a personal trainer in Toronto, a great city where there is a growing awareness for exercise, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This change is affecting the way people care for themselves in more ways than one.

About three years ago I decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer. It wasn't an easy decision to make as I always thought that I would become a professional hockey player.Over time I found that there was more to being fit than just working out. It is an ongoing process that involves a proper diet, a lot of exercise and training and most importantly being able to control your mind.

This article will discuss some of the pros and cons of becoming a personal trainer and it will probably give you some insight into why I made my decision.

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First, let's look at the benefits of working as a personal trainer.

The first an most important aspect of the job is the positive impact you have on people's lives. Your clients have hired you for a reason and they, they need you in order to achieve their goals. It really doesn't matter if they want to focus on weight loss, improving their appearance or simply discussing nutritional values in order to become a healthier person, whatever it may be your there to help.

Secondly, the flexibility of the job. I work as an in home personal trainer, I go to the client home or office and train them there. For the most part clients wish to have sessions in the mornings and the evenings, this gives me time in the day to tend to personal matters, or to train on my own. It is especially important for a personal trainer to stay fit in order to set a good example.

Third is the salary. A personal trainer makes a high salary per hour more that many other professions. If I were to work 8 hours a day I would be doing very well. Because I only work 3-5 hours a day that isn't the case. I found that even working less hours my monthly salary comes out to more or less the same as my comrades with university degrees that work a full 9-5.


Now, there are a number of negative aspects about the job as well.

A professional personal trainer must be certified. This means that he has taken an official course and her really understands his line of work. This is a good thing for the clients but it may not be as easy as it seems for the trainer. The course is long and quite expensive it can be seen as a hurdle for many first time trainers. In the long run this course is what will help then get ahead and make their way into such a competitive field.

As mentioned previously, in home personal trainers have work random hours. A client may call me up and request a training session late in the evening or on a very short notice. This can be inconvenient at times but in order to keep your clients happy (and to keep them at all) you have to be willing tp go that extra mile when necessary.

To sum things up personal training is the job for me. I am always learning and there is always more to learn. Once you have become an established personal trainer more opportunities become available to you. You can try nutritional consulting, athletic coaching, fitness writing or even opening your own gym. I am beginning to look into some of theses possibilities but for the time being I am going to focus on training because that is what I do best.

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