new momBecoming a new mom is no easy task so try to take some of the pressure of yourself today.
When you bring that little one into the world it is such an amazing experience as you look into the eyes of the child you hold in your arms and they are all yours. The day you leave the hospital and take this little infant home though, many thing start to change in your household, life, and daily routines.

First of all, try to have some realistic expectations when you come home. Things never go according to plan and having a newborn is one of life's ways of making you a more selfless individual. This at times can be a painful or even stressful time for you and your husband. Try to work together during this time in your infant's life. There will be times when you need to get some rest and recover when you first come home from the hospital, if at all possible have some friends or family try to come over and at least sit with the baby while you catch up on sleep. During the evening, if your husband is willing and can even hear the baby screaming in the monitor as he snores away, have him take a shift during the night or early morning when he can feed the baby while you sleep.

Secondly, you will need some time to yourself. Plan this time for yourself around napping or after the baby goes to sleep in the evening. When your a new mom a simple quiet walk or a peaceful bath will be worth so much for your wellbeing. Mother's give so much of themselves to their newborns that they physically exhaust themselves emotionally and physically. The time you have to yourself is valuable and important so that not only can your rest and recover but you can also not forget that you have to be taken care of as well.

Third thing you must remember is that you are going through some incredible changes in your own life. For many new moms, whether they choose to be home with their child or go back to work, they face a complete mental dilema at this point in their lives. A new mom is forever changed when she has a baby in the sense that no longer can your mind ever truely be on your plans and your life entirely. This new baby forces you to make changes, transition from jobs, stay home, and all of these new changes can sometimes bring about sadness along with the joy of having a baby. Make sure that during this time you seek a good friend to confide in or if this is a feeling that is lasting longer than a few days maybe seek some counseling. There is never any shame in seeking counseling.
Counseling gives you a fresh perspective on life and someone to talk to about what your going through without having to depend on a close family member.

And lastly, do not overwhelm yourself with books and material about how to raise your baby. There is a ton of information out there and online on raising children and having a family. Most of the books are great and do have much needed information that could help you, however, many times new mom's try to take in way too much when really most of the things you need to do for your baby will come naturally to you. A new mom has a wonderful sense of intuition that at many times will know exactly what your baby needs. There will be times when people very close to you try to give you advice as well during this time, take it with a grain of salt. There are things that mom's did years ago that women wouldn't do today, and that is ok! Your the new mom, embrace that, be confident in that , and remember you are capable of taking this little one and raising them to be a strong man or woman. You will have hard days, your life is brand new, you will make mistakes, but you have a child who is depending on you, and their smile will make your day many times, and you will be a wonderful mother.