Basketball players don't become famous just because they can fly like Vince Carter and revolutionize dunking or become a game-changing factor like Kobe Bryant or Ray Allen. They would never become million-dollar-earning superstars in the first place if they aren't masters in ball handling. All superstars have one thing in common: they invest a great deal of time on and off the court with basketball training aids and professionals to help them with not only their shooting, but more importantly their ball handling

Ball handling is a fundamental each aspiring basketball player must learn. There are various basketball training aids that can help you learn these skills. With reliable ball handling basketball drills coupled with enough time and effort invested, you will be well on your way to becoming the best (if not among the world, at least among your friends).

There are a lot of ball handling basketball drills out there but not all of them are effective. Let me share to you two of my favourite and effective basketball training aids when it comes to ball handling.

The Figure Eight Dribble

One of the most commonly used and effective ball handling basketball drills of all time. What you need to do here is to spread your legs far apart, becoming wider than your shoulder width. Then you will need to bend your torso forward while you dribble the ball with your stronger hand on a fast pace and low on the ground.

Move the ball through the center of your spread legs and when it gets to the back, switch hands and use your other hand to dribble the ball quickly and move it from your back to your side and around your front to go back to the center of your spread legs. Switch hands again and repeat the whole process. This forms the figure 8.

Two things you should remember when doing this ball handling drill: always keep your head up and don't look at the ball and always use your fingers, not the palm of your hands. You will find that among the basketball training aids, this may be difficult at first but push yourself and you will master it in no time.

The 5-Minute Circle

One of the youngest players ever part of the Basketball Hall of Fame, Pistol Pete Maravich, was able to leave a legacy among young and aspiring basketball players. He invented the 5-minute circle ball handling drill, which can substantially enhance your ball handling and dribbling skills.

The basketball court is composed of three circles: 2 free-throw circles and 1 half-court circle. For this drill, you only need one of these circles and a basketball. If you are just starting out with this drill, allocate 3 minutes of your usual training to get yourself in this circle and practice all dribbling skills and moves you know. Behind the back, crossover, inside out, change of pace, under the legs, spin, and all other dribbling moves you know should be done within the circle rapidly for 3 minutes.

Don't leave the circle and don't stop performing the dribbling moves until the 3 minutes has elapsed. On the next practice, try to reach 4 minutes. On the third try, attempt to reach 5 minutes and maintain that time for every practice from then on. You should feel reasonably tired after each attempt at this basketball ball handling drill but it will make you better.

Making these two drills part of your basketball training aids is a great addition to your practice. You will become better, or possibly the best with constant practice and a nice routine to follow.