Bed Bug infestations are not always easy to recognize. However there are a few steps to take and a few things to look for to help you recognize whether or not you have an infestation. That information combined with other methods of confirmation as seen under professional detection can help you decide whether or not that is what is going on in your home or other establishment.


What do they look like?

These invasive little insects often appear as rounded and reddish or brownish colored insects. You can see an example in the picture above.

Recognizing Where they came from

Bedbugs by no means indicate a lack of hygiene they are simply parasites that are attracted to humans and animals for purposes that have nothing to do with cleanliness. These creepy bedtime critters can be brought into the home in several different manners. Bed bugs can be brought into the home on pets or clothing if either has been in an area where they are present. They can also be brought in via furniture (especially couches, beds and material covered chairs).


Bites occurring due to bed bug infestations typically will be found on areas of the body that are more exposed during sleep such as the arms, legs and face areas. The actual bedbug bites themselves may be difficult to recognize though as they have several different appearances depending on each individuals reaction to the bite as well as how many are received. The following are examples of how they may appear:

Reddish discoloration of the skin without a raised bump

Wide flat topped elevation of the skin typically accompanied by a light discoloration.

Raised bump with visible fluid (pus) build up just under the skin

Rash (these are typically red and often appear as small bumps or welts on the skin)

Note that bites stemming from bed bug infestations may not appear for 24 to 48 hours after the bite is received but will be accompanied by itching.

Fecal Matter

Bedbugs will often leave a trail of fecal matter along the surface where they have chosen to make their new home such as couches, beds and other materials that get them close to their hosts (you!). These spots can appear black or brown to the naked eye and will often smear when wiped.

Blood Spots

Unexplainable blood spots on the bedding or other fabrics where you sleep or sit may be one way to detect that bed bug infestations may be present.

Health Effects

Excessive time or exposure to bed bugs can cause adverse health effects such as anemia, anxiety, rashes and allergic reactions. There is no guarantee that one would be affected health wise because of bed bug infestations but it is something to be aware of and means that treating the infestation is just that much more important.

Professional Detection

A professional pest control professional can be called in to establish whether or not a bed bug infestation is actually what you have.

Some services offer up dogs that are able to detect bedbug infestation in less than half the time of a pest control specialist.