Bed Bug Prevention

The best way to avoid bed bugs is bed bug prevention. There are several ways to prevent bed bugs or at least try to prevent them. Most people don't think that they can get bed bugs. They tend to believe that you have to be unsanitary or dirty to get bed bugs. This is because people have been saying it forever, but the problem is that it isn't true. It doesn't matter how clean you are you can still get bed bugs. It's not a matter of cleanliness it's a problem of awareness. People aren't aware of how to get bed bugs in the first place. Therefore, they don't know what to look for or even know that they should be looking.

To ensure bed bug prevention you need to be vigilant in taking precautions necessary. One of the easiest ways to prevent bed bugs is to invest in a bed bug mattress cover. They zip on and keep the pesky bugs from getting embedded into the mattress where they love to live. They love it there because they know that you're not far away. They're lazy and smart. Also, put two sided tape on the legs of the beds, so that they will get stuck trying to climb up. In addition, keep bedding from touching the floor.

Get the vacuum cleaner going and use those attachments that you hate taking off and on. Vacuum everything that is vacuumable (is that a word?). Do it often did I mention do it often? Also, get rid of the bag don't leave it in the house. While vacuuming and cleaning use a flashlight and do frequent inspections bed bugs hate light and thrive in warm, dark places. Oh, and let the sunshine in as much as possible.

Bed Bug Prevention- Traveling

Bring a bed bug mattress cover with you and use it in every place you stay. When you put the mattress cover on inspect the mattress closely in the seams and look for tears etc. Look for small dark dots which are feces of the bed bug; dried blood. Inspect the sheets and beds covers, even if they did put clean ones on the bugs get restless and start looking for new blood.

Don't sit luggage on the floor, but instead put it on a chair or in the closet. Do likewise with your clothes and everything else in the suitcase. Once the suitcase is empty zip it back up. Bed bug prevention requires thought and staying a step ahead of hungry bed bugs. Did you know that a bed bug can live up to a year without food or water? They might be pretty hungry by the time they get to you.

When you get home from a trip or vacation vacuum luggage and wash clothing in very hot water and send suits to the cleaners. Inspect purse thoroughly, dump it out and really get a good look. Bed bugs can flatten out and hide easily in tight places.

There are a few other places worth mentioning and they are movie theaters, garage sales and thrift stores. Movie theaters are dark and you sit still for about 2 hours giving bed bugs opportunity. Used clothing and furniture can have bed bugs hiding in them. Inspect carefully and wash with very hot water or steam clean with a fabric steamer. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and take a ride any way they can.

Bed Bug Prevention- Control

All of the tips for bed bug prevention help to control them as well. To add to these you first need to purchase bed bug insecticide dust. Apply bed bug dust to cracks and crevices throughout the home. Sprinkle a light dusting on the mattress. Don't worry there are natural and organic bed bug dust products that are eco friendly that kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Keep your home uncluttered the more clutter the easier it is for bed bugs to hide. For bed bug control to be effective get rid of unnecessary junk that you haven't used in months possibly years. I know all you pack rats shudder at the thought, but would you rather risk bed bug infestation?

Consider a bed bug kit at home just in case you really do discover bed bugs. This way you have something there to attack them right away. After all, they do attack you don't they? Bed bug kits are available online and at hardware stores everywhere.

One thing for sure is that bed bug prevention means you need to be proactive and vigilant. Don't get caught off guard and end up paying hundreds of dollars for bed bug extermination. Not to mention all the work involved in preparation for exterminators to treat the home. It is also very stressful to deal with bed bug infestation and removal. Take action now to prevent bed bugs.

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