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Bed Bugs: Getting Rid of Them

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There are a lot of different types of bugs to invade your home. However, one of the hardest to get rid of is bed bugs. Most of the chemicals that were really good at getting rid of bed bugs have been banned and with that they have been harder and harder to get rid of them. Often it takes a lot of work and a lot of patience to get rid of them. The good news is that it can be done.

Don't Get Rid Of Your Furniture.
The first thing many people want to do when they find bed bugs is pitch the mattresses, box springs, and in many cases they also get rid of their couches and more. However, throwing your furniture won't get the bed bugs out of your house. This is a horrible way to go and in many cases you can spread your infestation from the bedrooms to other rooms in the house by moving the furniture out. Hold on to your furniture and only get rid of them as a last ditch effort. Then it is important that you get rid of them in the right manner, Bed Bugs: How To Get Rid Of Infested Furniture.

Consider Calling Help.
Bed bugs are really hard to get rid of and in many cases home treatments are not as effective as a professional. Because of this it is a good idea to call in help. This can be expensive, can take many treatments, and can even take a couple of different exterminators. Your best bet is to call someone who has experience with bed bugs and work up a plan with them. See Bed Bugs: Choosing an Exterminator for more information.

Pack Up Belongings.
The more items you have in a space the worse it will be for treating the problem. You should pack up excess clothing, stuffed animals, and anything soft. First was all the items in hot water and run them in the dryer for at least 1 hour. Then place all items in a heavy weight black trash bag. Use duct tape to seal the bag closed. Place it in a second bag for security and seal that one as well. Place outside of the bedroom for storage while you work on getting rid of your bed bugs.

Scrub Hiding Spots.
You should scrub all cracks and crevices to dislodge eggs that might be there. Consider cracks in the bed, the window frame, behind your pictures, and any small space and use an old tooth brush to dislodge them.

Vacuum The Space.
You should thoroughly vacuum the space often. Vacuum along the edge of the carpet, under the bed, and even the mattress cover and sheets. This will suck up any bugs that are in these areas. You should then make sure that you take the bag out or empty the canister right away and take the trash out. If you leave bugs in the vacuum they will get out.

Seal Hiding Spots.
Bed bugs are small and flat and because of this they can hid in really tiny places. They love cracks, baseboards, face plates, and crevices in your bed frame. Using clear caulk or sealant you can eliminate a lot of their hiding places. You should seal any crack or space that is the thickness of a piece of paper or larger. For more information on sealing the space up check out Bed Bugs: Seal Their Hiding Spots.

Seal The Mattress.
Your mattress can also make a great home. You should buy an allergy type of mattress cover and use this to seal your mattress. You will also need one for your box springs. It should be a zippered type and you will want to seal the zippers with packing tape. This will block any bed bugs in your mattress there and it will also make your bed less habitable to the bed bugs outside of that area. Make sure you leave this cover in place for two years though. Bed bugs can go into hibernation and live for 18 months without a feeding (See Bed Bugs: Things You Need To Know for more information).

Vacuum The Space.
You should thoroughly vacuum the space often. Vacuum along the edge of the carpet, under the bed, and even the mattress cover and sheets. This will suck up any bugs that are in these areas. You should then make sure that you take the bag out or empty the canister right away and take the trash out. If you leave bugs in the vacuum they will get out.

Wash Clothing Carefully.
You shouldn't let your clothing sit around for long because this is a great place for bed bugs to hid. You should also wash it in hot water and use the dryer on the highest setting whenever possible. This will help kill any bugs that do end up on your clothing. By tossing items in the dryer you are likely to kill of any bugs on them and this is a great way to treat your bedding and to treat things you will be taking out of the house.

In a perfect world we could do these things and get rid of bed bugs. However, there isn't really a great way to get rid of bed bugs and chemicals are a must. There are several options that you can use to buy for your home. Choosing these can help you get rid of bed bugs, however you should do the treatment longer than recommended, follow all the instructions carefully, and you can't skimp out! Chemicals in your bed area can cause skin irritations and if placed in a way to create a lot of dust they can also cause lung irritation.

  • Borax has long been used for pest removal. It is pretty safe for humans, but it scratches the exoskeleton of bugs and causes them to dry out. Walking over it also makes it so that they carry it back to their nest. You can sprinkle this powder along the base boards, around the feet of the bed, and over the box springs. It can cause lung irritation if it is inhaled and it shouldn't be put on the mattress.
  • Diametric earth can also be used to kill bed bugs. It can be placed around the bed and along the wall edges, but it should never be inhaled and it will cause skin irritation if it gets on the skin. Do not use it on your bed.
  • There are a number of sprays and powders available. These can be very helpful and it often recommended that you use both types to get into all the different surfaces. However, the only chemicals that should be used on the mattress are those that specifically say they are safe for the mattress.

For more information on what chemicals you should use in your home to get rid of bed bugs see the article Bed Bugs: All You Need To Know About Chemicals To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs.

Getting rid of bed bugs will require that you do a wide variety of things. You need to make their home harder to use, their space toxic, and you need to do that while keeping yourself and your family safe. Take the time to do the best you can and remember that it may take awhile to get through it.



Oct 31, 2010 9:35am
I remember my mom telling me "Don't let the bedbugs bite", and I always thought they were myths - like that monster in my closet.
Then a couple of years ago I got them - took me weeks to figure out what was going on.
Then I got them again! The first time was moving into an apartment, the second after an overseas trip. They hard to spot, and harder to get rid of.
Afterwards I started a blog on my experience, and the best product I found that gave me the knowledge and plan to get rid of them.
Oct 31, 2010 9:41am
They are definitely nasty little buggers. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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