Cruise Ship Bed Bugs

What do you do if you find bed bugs on your cruise ship? First, there are a couple of things you should do even before boarding or booking a cruise - you don't want these little pests to ruin your vacation. Bed Bug bites itch and are nasty, and just knowing that they are in your bed can ruin your trip. It's important to take certain precautions before you cruise, as well as know what bed bug bites look like and how to spot bed bugs on your cruise!

Bed Bugs on Cruise Ships - What to Do

Before you even book your trip, you may want to ask the cruise line if they have ever had any history of problems with bed bugs.

If you don't trust them, you can try searching online for cruise reviews to see if any people have had bed bug problems on that cruise.

You can also check the website for info. regarding bed bugs on cruises and other incidents.

Know What Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Bites Look Like

Do you even know what these bites look like or what baby bed bugs look like? It's important to learn more about these pests so you are prepared and can spot them.

You should also learn what bed bug bites look like just in case you don't spot the actual bug and get bitten!

How to Prevent Bed Bugs on Cruises

A good idea might be to pack your stuff with anti-bed bug luggage liners to protect your possessions from bed bug infestation while you travel.

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Another great idea which I've done personally and have told friends to do is to pack an anti-bedbug laundry bag. It is common for these pests to show up in your clothes and in your luggage, so it's better safe than sorry!

"Prevents bedbugs from hitching a ride home with you, preventing home infestation."

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After your trip, leave your clothing sealed inside and throw it all in the washer. Machine wash and dry.

Check out some other great bed bug proof laundry bags here.

What else can you do to be safe on your cruise for pests?

Did you know there are plenty of good sprays to get rid of bed bugs on cruises? One such product which has worked for many people is the All Stop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray, which is good at killing bed bugs on contact.

Another good spray is the All Natural Eucoclean 3-in-1 Bed Bug Defense System, which naturally eliminates not just bed bugs, but also dust mites and fleas. These products are both relatively inexpensive and even if you don't use them, you will have them for the future just in case.
Prevent Bed Bugs at Home and on Your Cruise, Too
It's important to keep your bed sheets and your clothing clean and always keep checking for these parasites, because you never know when they might appear.
If you spot bed bug on your cruise, what do you do? Well, you can do what I've mentioned above but I think you should also alert the cruise line and definitely ask to be reimbursed for your cruise! They will probably give you another room but you should still seek some compensation for your troubles.
Finding Bed Bugs on your Cruise Ship is certainly something I hope does not happen to you!