Should You get a Bed Cane? - Picture this. You or a loved one, are having some mobility issues. Your legs are not as strong as they once were, and you fatigue easily or get dizzy standing up. So, you have just had a pretty good nights sleep, but now it is time to get up. You go to sit up, and put your feet on the floor, and then you go to stand up, but you end up falling back down on the bed. So, now you grab the dresser to help you up, but it is a bit wobbly too. This is where a bed cane would work well.

Trying to get out of bed, can be difficult for seniors and anyone who is ill or recovering from injuries or illness. No matter what mobility issue you may have, getting out of bed can be scary to many people.

My father used to use the side table as a prop, if his walker was not near by. This was dangerous, as he would put his entire weight on the side table, and depending on the size of the person, this may not work well at all. If they put too much pressure on the wrong part of the table, it may just topple forward.

But you can get what is called a Bed Cane, or Bed rail. These work really well for getting in and out of bed. They give you that extra confidence, especially if you are wobbly on your feet. The bed cane is a great intermediate way to get out of bed and then you can transfer to your walker or wheelchair.bed cane

My Dad used to try and leave his walker by the bed, but this was too high for getting out of bed, he couldn't get the grip he needed. But he could have used a bed cane quite easily. It is the right height for grabbing and giving yourself a push up and off the bed.

These bed canes, are strong and durable, and all you need is a bed that has a good box spring and a mattress. (These do not work on the single mattress style beds). There is a plate on the bed cane that fits between the mattress and the box spring. Wide Handle Bed Cane (pictured)

Depending on the style of bed cane or bed rail you get, one leg of it will be on the ground and the other will be attached to this large plate that is between your mattresses. This gives it lots of strength, so that you can confidently lean on it for getting out of bed.

If you get one called a bed rail, this will also help to keep you in bed, as it acts as a barrier so that you don't fall out.

You can get the bed cane and bed rails at medical supply stores, but you can also shop conveniently online for mobility aids such as the bed cane. Amazon has the bed cane Wide Handle Bed Cane

So, if you are finding the need for help getting out or in bed for yourself or a loved one, then look online for the different styles that would work well for you. There are more and more mobility aids on the market now, as more seniors are staying in their homes. Check online for great prices, and also check to see what is out there that may help you.

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