Nowadays, you might be blown away at the massive selection and variety of king-size, queen-size, full and twin bed frames for sale. They come in all shapes and sizes ranging from loft, to canopy, to platform styles that can be both metal or wooden. With all the choices you have to think about, it might be kind of overwhelming for some new buyers, especially those who are on a budget. Let's take a look at the most popular models by size, and also go over some helpful tips on how to buy cheap and used bed frames for sale to really make your wallet happy.

King Size Bed Frames for Sale

Hopefully money is not much of an object for you, because these can be pretty costly due to their sheer size. Many of them are made to be as small as possible, and this is for a few reasons. For one, it's obviously easier for the manufacturers and also makes them more affordable for you. When you buy king size bed frames for sale, you have to think about how much space they are going to take up in the bedroom. This is another reason why most of them do not have as much bulky storage space as the smaller dimensions like full and twin. Here are some of the best models to look for when you shop:
  • Southern Enterprises, Inc. Paramount King Size Leather Platform
  • Hillsdale Terrace King Size Collection
  • Legget & Platt King Size Collection
  • FashionBedGroup's King Size Collection

Queen Size Bed Frames for Sale

In my opinion there is a better selection of queen size bed frames for sale compared to king-size. Since the mattresses are a bit smaller, it lends a little more room for storage features in many models. This makes it nice for those who sleep on queen size mattresses by themselves, and allows you to have all the add-ons without having to share. Below are a few of the most popular types out there:
  • Homestyles Bedford Queen Size
  • Baxton Studio Microfiber Queen Size
  • FashionBedGroup's Queen Size Collection

Full Bed Frames for Sale

This size is mostly for kids, so when you shop that's usually what you're going to come across. If you have never shopped for full bed frames before, you're in for a pleasant surprise. There are tons of great models to choose from for both boys and girls, including the following:
  • Princess Emily Shabby Chic Carriage Full Size Canopy
  • Hillsdale Janice Full Size Textured Black Design
  • Hillsdale Terrace Tiburon Bentwood Storage Design
  • Bedroom Powell 691 with Headboard and Footboard

Twin Bed Frames for Sale

For twin-size, obviously your going to be needing these for a small child. Luckily, you'll find a great selection of toddler and kid themes in loft, canopy and platform styles. Your son or daughter can pretty much sleep in a fort if you get certain models. Check out some of these to get started and see for yourself:
  • South Shore Furniture Twin Size Storage Platform
  • Nocce Nexera Truffle Twin Size Platform with Headboard
  • Legget & Platt Metal Bed Frames with Rug Savers
  • Target's Sam Twin Size Black & Mahogany & Gold for Baby

Cheap Bed Frames for Sale

When looking for an affordable design, you'll definitely want to avoid with the expensive loft, canopy and platform styles. It's best to settle with a basic steel metal base as pictured below. These cheap bed frames for sale are ideal for those on a budget and have been used for many years. They're not very Cheap Bed Frames for Salehard to find and they usually only cost between $70 and $100, sometimes even less depending on where you shop and which brand you choose.

These are not only cheap bed frames, but they're also very convenient and easy to assemble and move from room to room, or even between houses. They can be taken apart and folded up within minutes, and take up very little storage space. Most of the basic steel metal base designs also come with caster wheels. This allows for quick and easy maneuverability and makes it a breeze to move your mattress around the room where you want. If you're in need of cheap bed frames, the metal base designs are one of the best ways to go. You may miss out on the attractive wood finish, and the convenient storage drawers, but you'll be saving a lot of money.

Used Bed Frames for Sale

If you don't want to settle with a basic steel base design, which is understandable, there are still more options on getting a cheap price. Buying used bed frames for sale is one such method that is probably the most effective of them all. People are always getting rid of their old furniture, and it's usually pretty easy to find some that's still in good condition for an affordable price.

Used bed frames for sale may not always be the best way to go when they're not in good condition, but there are ways of fixing them up and making them look good as new. It is, however, important for you to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape before you put your mattress on and go to sleep on it for the first time. Check everything from the legs to the headboard to the panels for damage, and make the necessary repairs. Also, you might want to give it a good cleaning. Used bed frames may not always be too sanitary, depending on the last owners, so be sure to scrub it down real well with an antibacterial cleaner.