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Just like any other cosmetic brands, Bed Head Cosmetics has different make-up items that are classified according to whether they are used for the eyes, lips or face.

Each classification is comprised of different kinds of make-up that has a particular function. Take for instance, the After Party Eye shadow cream that could last even after partying the night off.

This staying power is caused by the special formula that enables the product to be resistant and gives those eyes the perfect shimmer as well.

The same goes for the product's line of lip products which has added a twist on the traditional or classic lipsticks or glosses. If you want to let out a juvenile feel, you can opt for their creamy lip glosses that are available not just with perfect shades but scents.

Now, if you want to come across as a more matured women, there are also adult lipsticks that you can use during parties. These products could absolutely leave your lips with a glittery finish and emphasize the contours of the lips.

They also offer foundations and powder that could perfectly match your skin tone and even it out. This range of face products includes Glamma powder, Dream Foundation and Fat-Free Foundation. All these products are enriched with vitamins and anti-drying and aging components so you don't have to worry.

So the next time you shop, you know which cosmetic product to choose so that you could bring out the real you. With Bed Head Cosmetics, you could absolutely express yourself.