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What The Heck Are Bed Head Products?

Before we get into the actual Bed Head Products for Curly Hair, if you’re wondering “What the heck are Bed Head products?” I’ll be glad to explain it to you. Bed head products from TIGI Haircare are generally designed for every type of hair whether it is curly, wavy, or coil-like hair types.  Under the section of the bed head products of TIGI are the Curls Rock section. Curls Rock asserts that curls are something to not be ashamed of, and rather than trying to change it, they promote that one should flaunt off the proudness a girl with curly locks should have. The company itself is rather flamboyant and their inventions are of top quality. You can check out their website and see that, being a global company, they are not limited towards their customer base and display styles from around the world.


What Type Of Products Do They Offer

Bed Head Product Hi-Def Curls(108217)Credit: products are based around hair care such as shampoo, conditioner, and hair dye. Among the shampoo they have three variations: Urban Antidotes, Style Shots and Color Combat. Urban antidotes are shampoos that help repair dry and damaged hair using three levels of damage repair: Included are their revolutionary technology, micro shields and nano complexes.  Bed Head Style Shots is exactly what the name sounds like, it provides “Epic Volume, Hi-definition curls, or Extreme Straight” as options to style your hair. Color Combat is a product to fight color deterioration in your hair, it revitalizes any dullness that your hair may be in the process of, combats color-fade and embeds color molecules into your hair for a longer-lasting look. This is just the variety among shampoos but they also offer a wide range of hairsprays, conditioners, and styling gels.


Where Can I get Bed Head Products

You can go directly to their website to purchase a variety of their products. What I find particularly useful is their Salon Finder application on their bedhead website. All you have to do is enter your address or zip code and you’ll be given directions to a list of close salons that sale their products. I actually have one that is only about a three minute drive from my house. Other than that you can also choose to search for their products using online websites such as Ebay or Amazon.


The Bed Head Products for Curly Hair

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The Bed Head TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier is an exceptionally good choice for achieving that curly look that you want. The smell of the conditioner is great; it is creamy and isn’t too heavy and is very consistent. I would advise not using too much and use about one or two pumps. However, this product is discontinued and you would probably only be able to buy it online.


On the other hand, a more recent version of the product is available which you would be able to find in the salons. Bed Head Styleshots Hi-Def Curls Shampoo is a curl booster that you won’t be satisfied until you get one. The instructions say to leave it in for five minutes and you could find this in product through the salon finder. Consider trying out these different varieties to flaunt your curly hair proudly throughout the day.

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To Conclude

All in all, TIGI haircare definitely set a standard for their Bed Head products. Not only do their products do curly hair justice but they are quality products that will keep the moisture in your hair and keep the frizz on lockdown. You won't be surprised when you read a few of the reviews on their products or when someone compliments you on your curls as you proudly strut your stuff!