Neck Support Pillow for Side Sleepers

When looking for the best bed pillows for side sleepers, the important thing is to shop with your neck and head in mind. Because side sleepers require much more neck and head support than other sleepers.

Just think of all the risk factors that are well known and associated to this kind of sleeping. A host of back and spine problems which can be attributed to sleeping on one's side and having your head sink in the pillow. Also be careful with bad pillows for side sleepers, that you don't get back problems that can be acerbated by having the back curve due to poor quality side sleeping pillows.

Ultimately the best advice for looking for bed pillow for side sleepers, is understanding it's key attributes as well as knowing the pillow made for your spouse or partner may be entirely different than the pillow you need to sleep on for the best sleep.

Your spouse or partner could require an antisnore pillow, while you could need the side sleeping pillow. Your best course of action is to get the pillow made for YOU and ONLY YOU which also promotes good sleep posture.

 The fact remains that we spend a lot of our time alive in bed and asleep. In fact, the data suggests that we spend nearly 33% of our sleeping lives in a bed. Now shouldn't your side sleeper pillow be the absolute best pillow you can find.

 The Best Side Sleeping Mattress – Is It Even Needed with the Right Pillow?

 Many industry experts in fact believe that you don't even need a side sleeping mattress when you have the best pillow you can get for this kind of sleep. In fact, THE RIGHT pillow can mask issues with your mattress.

Say you need a new mattress, the better alternative may be to get good pillows for your sleeping posture FIRST before spending hundreds or thousands on a side sleeping mattress.

 Attributes for the Best Side Sleeping Pillow

Before buying any old pillow for side sleepers, pay close attention to what makes the best side sleeping pillow optimal.


  1. Firm Support – Side sleepers need pillows with firm support to not have their heads cave in a pillow. As noted previously this is one of the risk factors for a normal pillow. Side sleepers need more head and neck support than say a back sleeper or even a stomach sleeper.

  2. Loft- Of course side sleepers need the loft of a down pillow to offset the firmness that side sleepers need. Loft is needed to also support the head and neck of a side sleeper.

  3. A Hypoallergenic Pillow – is a nice to have particularly when you have a side sleeper who is also an allergy sufferer, in this case a purely down pillow will not do.

The Best Pillow For Side Sleeping

 The absolute best pillow for side sleeping is Sealy® Posturepedic® Firm Support Pillow. The pillow meets all of the requirements for the best sleep, when you are sleeping on your side and require neck and back support as most side sleepers.