Nocturnal enuresis, which is just a technical name for nighttime bed wetting, affects millions of children under the age of 18 each year in the US alone. This condition is quite common in younger children and one that should be expected with children under five years old due to their bodies still learning and developing. However, for children five and older who experience bedtime wetting it can be a major cause of frustration for both kids and parents alike. Some children may wet the bed on occasion while with others it may be a nightly occurrence. Regardless of how often it takes place there are options that can help treat nighttime incontinence and help build healthy, dry habits.

Wet Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm for Children's Nighttime IncontinenceBed wetting alarms for children can be a great resource for parents. These alarms are designed to notify the parent and child when an accident occurs. This notification can take place in a couple of ways including: a single or multi tone alarm, vibration and/or the use of lights. The Wet-Stop 3 bed wetting alarm is one such device that offers both an alarm and vibration to assist in training your child's body to wake and use the bathroom to both help alleviate and eliminate bedtime accidents.

Wet-Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm Features

  • Five Variable Alarms
  • Vibration Feature That Can Be Used Alone or along with the Alarm Setting
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight for Comfort
  • Easy to Attach
  • Easy to Dry off after Accidents
  • Sensor Is Replaceable
  • Covered by a One-Year Warranty against All Defects
  • Available in Several Colors (Pink, Blue, Green. . .)
  • Product comes with a CD of "The Complete Bedwetting Book"
  • Calendar and Stickers to Mark Progress
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions That Come in Six Languages
  • Runs on Two AAA Batteries

This bedwetting alarm system has a sensor that is placed on the underwear or pull up that will detect wetness caused by urination. Once wetness is detected it will then signal an alarm meant to wake your child. This helps get the condition under control by allowing the child to associate waking up with going to the bathroom. Since a good majority of the children that suffer this condition are heavy sleepers this type of treatment can be an ideal approach in creating more dry nights.

It is important to note that for systems such as this it is important, especially in the beginning, for parent to be in close enough proximity to hear the alarm if their child is a heavy sleeper and also to assist with changing of bedding or diapers as well as resetting the alarm. For most parents who tried this product they were able to see results within just a few short weeks of its use.

There are many bed wetting alarm systems available on the market the Wet Stop 3 system is one of the more cost-effective options, sitting at $50 which is around half to one-third the price of some of the more advanced systems, that still receives rave reviews from parents and other consumers who tried the product. This can be confirmed by its 4 out of 5 stars rating.