Bed Wetting Older Children - How to Cure Them

Bed Wetting Older Children (27404)

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about bed wetting in older children and bed wetting devices that really work well for older kids and teens.

Step 1

The first step in finding practical bed wetting remedies is to look at your specific situation with the older children in your life. Has the bedwetting individual been under stress at school or at home lately? Also think about if the bedwetting has been going on for a while, or if it a new occurrence. The answers to these questions are what will help you figure out what tools and methods will help the most in your task of stopping bed wetting.

Step 2

Stress is common among everyone young and old, and unfortunately bed wetting is a well-known side effect with older children. The only way to stop stress related bedwetting is to help the child at hand work through their problems, either just by talking with them or their teacher, if the problem links from school, or by finding them a trusted mental health professional that is trained to help their specific age group. Keep in mind that an issue as small as bedwetting can turn into an even bigger problem if not treated, so it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible to discuss the bedwetting.

Step 3

Often, bed wetting in older children is not a very common thing, and should raise questions when it starts unexpectedly. The bedwetting, especially if it has recently started rather than been going on for months or years, could be signs of other medical problems in older children. Common ailments that cause loss of bladder control, and in turn bed wetting, include urinary tract infections – which can be easily treated with a trip to the doctor and some antibiotics – and even kidney and gall bladder issues. It is always a good idea to see a health professional, either a primary physician or gynecologist for girls is best, and try to diagnose the issue.

Step 4

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for bed wetting remedies is to remember this – with older children and teens, bed wetting can be very embarrassing. To help with an accidents when sleeping over at friends' homes or when friends stay over at yours, try using disposable overnight underwear. There are adult sizes available, and they are both discreet and dependable in disguising a bedwetting problem.


Tips & Warnings

Family support is crucial when trying to overcome anything, bedwetting included. So, make sure to never tease or put down the child with the bed wetting problem, otherwise progress could be slowed.

Find support groups and reliable bedwetting information to help cure your child's problem.