Bedbugs often occur in big cities. Especially New York and Amsterdam are terrorized by the nasty little insect. In this article, the most terrorized cities will be discussed.


The capital of the Netherlands is one of the greatest bedbug cities of Europe. Especially the youth hostels here are a common source of bedbug bites. The more expensive hotels are relatively safe. However these hotels also use very toxic pesticides that are bad for human health too.

New York

The Big Apple is bedbug city number one in the whole world. There is no place on earth where more bedbugs live than here. Therefore it is recommended to always have a look at before you book a hotel here. This is a website that contains reports of bedbug presence in thousands of hotels and motels all over the United States. You can also tick in your own postal code here. If there is another report posted for your area, you will immediately receive a SMS from bedbug registry.


Paris is also a common place for the bedbugs. However they appear more often in the poorer suburbs in the city, than in the relatively rich center. Therefore as tourist it is recommended to not spend the night in a hotel located in the suburban part of the city.

Other Cities

These three cities have the worst bedbug presence of the whole world; however there are more cities where you must be careful:

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Detroit
  3. Madrid
  4. Chicago
  5. Denver
  6. Rome

Safety measures

There are a few things you can do. First of all always check the hotel on Second when you arrive at the room, immediately look for bedbug symptoms. Most common are: Blood stains on the sheets, dead bedbug bodies in the seams of the matrass and bedbug poo underneath the bed.

Then if there are no bedbug symptoms, it is a good idea to move the bed from the wall. In this way, bedbugs hiding behind posters or paintings on the wall cannot climb into your bed via the wall. Also be sure that the blankets never touch the ground. Finally you can purchase the bedbug climb up interceptor, a sort of bowl placed around the legs of the bed that prevents the bedbug from climbing into your bed. However if the bedbug infection is inside the matrass of the bed, these measures will be useless of course, so also inspect the matrass.