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Choosing bedding ensembles for your home carefully is something that should not be overlooked. There are so many different aspects of a bedding set that if not correctly chosen can send you either running back to the store for an exchange or leaving you with something that you are not at all happy with. From getting sheets that feel "scratchy" to picking up a set that doesn't fit the exact dimesions of your mattress, the amount of problems you could run in to are endless. 

I've put together a list below of some things you should think about before you go and purchase a bedding ensemble.

Design and Style

The design and style you want for your bed obviously varies from person to person but there are a few "golden rules" as it were, that should be followed. Think about your bedroom when you are looking at different bed ensembles.

  • Don't go for a color that is a complete and obvious mismatch with your bedroom just because it looks nice on its own
  • Instead of picking covers, sheets, shams, etc. seperately and finding out later that they do not go together, try picking up a bed in a bag set and the design work is done for you!
  • For a traditional style go for a jacquard bedding set. These often feature patterns of floral and paisley with a damask type of weave to them.
  • Go with a maximum of 3 solid colors to get a more modern and contemporary feeling bedding ensemble.

Sizing and Dimensions

One of the key things that people will screw up on their first try when getting a bedding set is the sizing. Before you even look into getting a comforter set or anything of the sort, find out what type of mattress you have and what the dimensions are. For example, a king size bed is different than a california king or a european king. Don't make the mistake of seeing "king" and thinking any king will fit, it does not work that way. 

Know the dimensions of the mattress you are purchasing as well. Companies tend to be inconsistent with their sizing so it is a smart idea to check the actual dimensions of the bedding ensemble before buying it. They should be listed with the set you are interested in.

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    Comfort and the Feel of Different Fabrics

    The feel of the bed is the most important factor for nearly everybody and rightly so. It is what makes you either get a good sleep or a really bad one. There are a few things you should look for if comfort is your top priority.

    Thread Count

    Thread count plays an important role in how comfortable your sheets, pillow cases, and comforters will be. You will often see this listed with the bedding set you are looking to buy. Basically what it means is how many threads there are going vertical and horizontal in a square inch of fabric. This means that a higher thread count will give you a softer material that is less durable and a lower thread count will give you a fabric that is less soft but more durable. A thread count of 300 to about 600 will be good for just about anyone, just try not to go lower than 200. 

    Quality of the Material

    Even more important than the thread count on the material is just what type of fabric the material is made from. The most popular and most comfortable of materials for bedding ensembles is cotton. Polyster made sheets and fabrics will often give the "scratchy" feeling you get in some beds so they may not be your best choice. Extra long staple cotton is the type which you want to look for as it produces an extremely soft, high quality fabric. This type of cotton is grown in Egypt and is often referred to as Egyptian cotton. You may have seen this term before when looking for sheets and let me tell you it is worth every extra penny. Materials with a satin or silk finish often add a nice touch and feel great against your skin.

    Setting A Price Point

    When shopping for a good quality bedding ensemble it is important to set a good spending limit. Of course, with a bedding set you want to be sure that what you are buying is going to last and is also going to be comfortable. With bedding ensembles you will pretty much get what you pay for and it is a smart idea to spend a little bit extra to get the high quality materials such as egyptian cotton that will make your sleep much better. So set a price limit accordingly, something that you can afford but also something that is not cheap and will not last. Bed in a bag sets are also a great idea because you will save some money buying everything together rather than each piece seperate. The selection which you can find online will beat out any physical store, just be sure to keep in mind the tips above when looking around.