Plain bedding can hae a contemporary look too

For years, most bedding ensembles available in stores came in a limited number of traditional styles.

Safe solid colors dominated the marketplace and filled store shelves. Popular colors such as navy, beige or hunter green were recycled each year. Occasionally, customers would see a variety of prints, usually country inspired, or a few safe themes such as nautical, plaids or checks. But shoppers hunting for bedding ensembles for contemporary bedrooms were usually limited to a small number of choices.

Fortunately, this has changed.

During the past decade, there has been a positive trend toward more contemporary bedding choices. The market realized that not all shoppers desired the traditional offerings of yesterday. Designers and major retailers recognized this, and began carrying entire lines of modern bedding.

It can sometimes be hard to define exactly what "contemporary" means when it comes to bedroom sets. Although it refers to colors and fabrics that are currently popular with the public this tends to change on a regular basis!

Current contemporary styles embrace strong color combinations and geometric designs such as squares, circles and triangles. Large motifs such as over-sized daisies and embroidered floral patterns are also popular contemporary styles.

Color is important in contemporary bedding ensembles. Colors that are popular in apparel also show up in bedding combinations, perhaps within a season or two. If bright vivid yellow is a favorite color for everything from women's tops to leggings, it will also show up frequently as a background color in comforters, a stripe on sheets and pillowcases, or an accent color mixed with black and gray shades.

New choices in fabric also help when creating a contemporary style for bedding. Micro fibers add a suede-like look to comforters, duvet covers and accent pillows. Other customers prefer the look of embossed designs over printed fabrics. Such a look can bring a fresh feel to bedding.

Again borrowing from the apparel industry, many fabrics used in the production of men's and women's clothing are now showing up in the bedroom.

Jersey fabrics, once used only for t-shirts and undergarments, are now popular choices for bedding ensembles for modern bedrooms. Customers can purchase everything from denim and velvet to fabrics with a metallic look to give their bedding a more contemporary look.

If you want your bedroom to have a modern feel, don't settle for safe, traditional bedding choices. It's easier than ever to find bedding ensembles for contemporary bedrooms today.