Bedroom Cleaning for Single MomsCredit: ijy @ morgueFileAs a single parent, you are always short on one thing - time.  Your bedroom is probably the only room in the house where you get any peace and quiet as a single mother.  You need to keep it clean if you want it to stay a place of respite from the hectic schedule you keep.

For tips on cleaning the disaster area formerly known as your child's room, have a look at How To Clean A Child's Bedroom.  To see how to keep up your own bedroom's peaceful atmosphere, have a look at this schedule.

Fortunately, keeping your bedroom in order will take you almost no time at all, as long as you take care of a few small things every day and a couple more every weekend.

Things to Do Every Day

Make your bed even if no one sees your room but you.  A properly made bed is inviting and will help you to fall into a peaceful slumber.  It is also easier to convince your child to make his bed if he can see you do your own.

Put your clothes away.  Put away the three outfits you threw over a chair in the morning when they just didn't work.  It is important to put away all your clothes before they need ironing again, or worse land up in the hamper.  But make sure any dirty laundry you have makes it to the hamper before heading off to bed.  Waking up in a tidy room is just a much a pleasure as it is to crawl into a nicely made bed.

Things to Do Every Week

Dust everything from your lamps to your dresser.  Don't forget to shuffle everything off your bedside table and give that a good go.  At the same time, put away any books or magazines that are no longer on your reading list.

Tidy up anything in your room, like piles of shoes and take coffee cups to the kitchen.  While you are there, grab the window and glass cleaner and hit those surfaces of your room.  If you have a garbage bin in your room, empty it now.

Change the linens on your bed and you are almost ready to go.

Sweep and mop the floor if you have hardwood floors.  If you have carpeting, give it a good vaccum and you are done.

Things to Do Every Six MonthsCleaning Your Bedroom for Single MothersCredit: digitallatina @ morgueFile

Go through your wardrobe and pull out anything that doesn't fit or can be donated charity.  If you have any articles of clothing that need repair, schedule some time to go through these or just consider passing them on to some one who would be interested in them.

Clean your curtains, either in the washing machine if they can go in it or take them to the same day dry cleaners.  If you have blinds in your room you will need to take some time to clean these.

Flip your mattress, especially if you tend to sleep on one side of the bed.  Your mattress will last longer if you flip it both head to foot and upside down.  If you have older kids, ask them to help, but it is possible to flip even the largest mattresses on your own.


If you stick to this frequency, you should be spending less than five minutes a day, less than thirty minutes a weekend and maybe an hour or so every couple of months.  You can start regardless of the state of your kitchen, just add a couple extra minutes on to each day until you get it down.  As a single mom, you always need more time to spend on yourself and your kids, have a look for some ideas for other rooms:

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