Since we spend most of our waking hours out in the world at work or with family and friends, or in our living rooms, we sometimes neglect the importance of our bedroom. Especially the effect it has on us in the way we design and decorate it. It's important to feel very comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom so you can get a proper night's sleep, or be relaxed for other more intimate activities (wink, wink).

It's easy to fall into the trap of just having a bed and a few pieces of furniture where you can splay out all of your clothes and really create a mess. And if you happen to have a bedroom with slanted ceilings or corners where it's difficult to place furniture, how can you efficiently use that space for organization? Well custom wardrobes or fitted wardrobes are often a great solution for this, because they can be tailored to fit any space. Now of course you probably realize that you need to not just throw your clothes everywhere and keep them well organized. Of course normal chests and dressers are great for this, but in those strangely made spaces, you'll need something like a customized wardrobe. Just adding one of these can really add to your bedroom organization, and you can stack and fold all of your clothes in there.

One thing you'll need to pay attention to is how often you fold up your clothes. Of course ideally you'd do this right away as soon as you take them off or change, but that can't always happen. Also making your bed every morning will really contribute to keeping things straightened up in your bedroom. Certainly if you have a messy bed then you will be less likely to keep your room clean. Having a messy centerpiece in your room will just attract more mess - we've all done it. Wardrobes can also be great for storing things other than clothes like comforters, sheets, towels, shoes or whatever you can think to put in your extra storage space. You know how much better the atmosphere will be in the bedroom when things are neat and tidy - and the relaxation is can create.

Of course fitted bedroom wardrobes come in many great styles in designs, and in all types of wood like oak, pine, spruce, birch and mahogany to name a few main types. They'll come in antique/classic designs, say in a Victorian or Edwardian style, to more modern and contemporary designs such as with white bedroom wardrobes or mirrored wardrobes. Now you should have a few more ideas about how to better organize and decorate your bedroom with wardrobes.