You can use bedroom decorating ideas if you are on a budget. You can also use it to replicate one of your favorite trips or just a specific feeling. It will also help you to update your furniture.

If you go with a theme then focus on materials and colors to keep it looking chic. For a tropical inspired space you don't need to have a lot of palm frond pieces that are very literal. Instead, paint your walls in a bright apple green. Stick with crisp bed linens in white. Then you can look for wicker furniture which will be one of your least expensive options.

You also might just want to focus on elegance instead of more of a literal theme. This can use dark wood furniture that can get a little bit pricy. Neutral carpet is also a must to counteract this design style. If you can’t afford real wood furniture then just paint your existing pieces in a rich mahogany paint color if you don't want to go through all of the trouble of restaining the piece. Remember that elegance is created through an effortless look instead of loading up on lots of rhinestones or metallic prints.

If you are trying to stay true to a specific design style then find lots of ways to change this up. You could stencil floral prints on your nightstands for a shabby chic room. You could bring in darker cocoa colors along with the pink tone for your own take on a classic look.

Since master bedrooms are seeming to gain in size all the time you can really embrace this by adding gold leaf to a higher tray ceiling. You could even bring in a faux electric fireplace and it might cost a lot less than you would initially think.

The vintage design style often uses a simple clover pattern. Initially this might seem a little bit too subtle for your room. However, if you find it on wallpaper or bed linens then it can be the inspiration for your entire color palette. If you are having difficult matching the color palette then get out your paintbrush as well as your staple gun. This is going to give you options for reupholstering benches or headboards.

You can also use classic pieces such as a French style of bed and choose wall colors that will highlight it. This is especially important if you're on a budget and shopping at thrift stores. You can match faded fabrics with pale blue paint colors or more of a modern gray. Instead, you can go with a faded theme but just stay away from your more specific glazing effects or faux finishes. It's important that the color palette still match but that you also bring in crisp finishes for more a contemporary kind of touch.

You can also find ways to rethink the furniture that you already have. You could add white gauzy curtains to a four poster bed for more of a tropical look. You could also just remove dated curtains if your room is feeling a little bit too dated.