Although eclectic is a valid style choice, many people prefer to have matching bedroom furniture. Matching sets gives a uniform appearance to the room, and is harder to mess up when decorating. Buying it all together means that the colors, materials, and any carvings (or whatever) match. When buying furniture piecemeal you can never be sure whether or not the next piece you buy will still be sold.

You can buy wooden, plastic, metal, or most any other type of furniture for your room. The material that the furnishings are made of is one of the big price factors. What it is made of, who makes it, and where you buy it can change a cheap bedroom set into an expensive one.

Types of Bedroom Furniture:


The headboard of the bed is one of the most dominant pieces of bedroom furniture. It has no true function unless it contains a shelf or something to set your doodads on. This piece is purely decorative and you should do some serious quality shopping to decide what you want. Make sure when purchasing a headboard that there are matching pieces that go with it. The size of your headboard will depend on how big your bed is. A twin, queen, or king sized bed will all have a different width headboard.

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is an important item in the bedroom. This is more functional than a mere headboard. The chest of drawers is used to hold your folding clothes. A chest of drawers can come in many styles and sizes. They might have 3 drawers, 5 drawers, or 6 drawers. They normally have 2 little drawers at the top for your delicates, and the rest of the drawers are larger for sweaters or jeans. Using a chest of drawers in your bedroom can keep the clutter down in the closet.


Nightstands are placed at the side of the bed to hold things you want to have nearby while you sleep. If you want to have a lamp or alarm clock by your bed you need something to hold them. They are also good for holding your cell phone, glasses, and pocket change. A nightstand that matches the rest of your bedroom furniture can be a fantastic accent piece.

There are other bits that you can buy to furnish your bedroom. You might want an armoire, a place to set a T.V., or a bookcase. You don't want to get more furniture than your bedroom can comfortably hold though. Make sure not use massive furniture in a small room.

Choose the bedroom furniture that matches both your personality and lifestyle. This is a pretty big investment and is something that you'll be stuck with for a long time. If you choose a style that you will tire of quickly you may not be able to change your mind later.