Bedroom interior design ideas help you create a respite from the rest of the world where you can just be whoever you are. The bedroom can reflect your personality, design aesthetic or both. Use bedroom interior design ideas to decorate on a budget without sacrificing style.

Bedroom design plans can blend in with the rest of your house or go in an entirely new direction. You can go with a contemporary bedroom look by keeping the furniture low to the ground and painting the walls, ceiling and furniture in various shades of taupe and cream for a fresh look that is gender neutral. Add in pops of color with sculptural vases. This creates a clean style in your room that might even inspire you to keep your room clean.

Ideas for bedroom design can help you create your dream bedroom. You may have wanted a pink bedroom since you were a little girl and if you're single, now is your chance. You can build a canopy out of velvet drapes to help ground rose pink paint. The canopy can be made from a rich eggplant or deep chocolate brown. Paint your existing furniture black to save money and add contrast to the feminine pink. You might even want to add black to the window frames and molding. You can make the pink feel sophisticated by bringing in a faux fur rug and hanging a chandelier over the bed.

You can still have a cool bedroom design even if you're short on space. You can paint the closet doors to match the rest of your room so they don't stand out too much. Then you can mirror the closet doors by building a floor to ceiling paneled headboard and keeping the bed low, on a platform. You can paint your artwork right onto the panels. This eliminates the need for bedroom accessories and a headboard so you are saving space while making a big impact. The allusion of height will help your bedroom appear taller, if not bigger.

You can create the look of an opulent hotel suite in your bedroom. This style is called hotel chic. It needs to be dramatic but still appealing and easy to clean. Start off with dark hardwood floors and warm them up with an oversized rug. Look for an upholstered headboard. Metallic sheens will give life to colors that may seem dull such as lavender. You can add shimmering wallpaper to the wall the bed is on to really make it a focal point even if your headboard isn't that tall. Instead of a footboard opt for a bench at the end of the bed covered in the same material as the headboard. This is a place to put on shoes but still helps frame out the bed. Add in glamour by investing in matching mirrored nightstands and crystal lamps and chandeliers. Accessories and personal effects should be kept to a minimum in this design style so knick knacks don't compete with elegance.

One of the easiest and cheapest bedroom interior design ideas is the use of color. The color can be dramatic, cheerful or relaxing depending on the mood you want in your room. For a modern space consider painting one wall in your room black. If you have a bank of windows or doors then your room will be able to handle more than one black wall. You'll need to look for elaborate contemporary light fixtures. You might be able to find one that simply houses several dangling light bulbs for a modern chandelier that also has a vintage effect. Keep your bedding, flooring and furniture choices black and white. If the contrast is too much then just add in shades of grade. If you want to visit the wild side reign yourself in a little bit. Go with more sophisticated ways of introducing animal prints. Instead of a leopard bed cover try a series of canvases depicting a zebra or giraffe skin and keep the rest of the room out of the jungle theme. Use several of the paintings so they relate to each other and pop in a neutral room.

If you want a soothing space then try a monochromatic color palette. This means that you use the same color throughout the space, although you can use different shades of the color. For a truly relaxing space try a shade of brown or gray. This is especially convenient because it's the color of wood so you'll be able to find furniture that blends in with your space. Accent a gray room with stainless steel lamps for a modern effect.

Country bedroom design can still be elegant. Use country silhouettes but the chicest versions available. Instead of a patchwork quilt look for a matelasse quilt. Instead of lots of arts and crafts accessories monogram pillow cases. Distress a chandelier with brown, gray, and taupe paint so it mimics weathered wood. You can also paint the trim the same colors as the walls because it's not the focal point in this design style. Stick with fresh white bedding and taupe pillows. You can bring it all together with a taupe and white plaid bedskirt; just keep it tailored for a modern country look.

Give new life to your existing bedroom furniture to save money. You might want to break up the set so it doesn't look like you just bought it out of a catalog, even if you did. You can upholster the headboard for a softer effect. Nightstands don't have to match so pick up a few tables at a garage sale. The lines can be different but in the same style and then paint them the same color. If you're sick of the wood grain on your furniture paint it chocolate brown, black, cream or white so the furniture fades into the background. Then the focal point can be your favorite piece in the room such as a chandelier or the view out the French doors.

Bedroom interior design ideas help you transform the space you have into the space you want. Your bedroom can remind you of a favorite vacation or time period. You can also infuse your favorite color into the design; just make sure to balance bolder colors with neutrals so your bedroom is still a place that you can sleep.