For the frail elderly, getting out of bed can be like climbing a tall mountain. They may have to grasp the headboard to get into a seated position, hang onto the blankets to swing their legs out of bed, then lean on a night stand to help themselves up. All are potentially dangerous.

Grab bars and poles, mounting a folding grab bar next to the bed can ease the danger. This bar mounts to the wall and folds up vertical and parallel to the wall when not in use. When needed, it swings down next to the bed providing a secure and stable grip. Another less costly adaption is to install a vertical pole from the floor to the ceiling next to the bed.

Dressing aids, when it come to dressing, there are several items which help reduce the need for excessive reaching or bending. Stocking aids are available to eliminate the need to bend over to put on socks, stockings or pantyhose. Dressing sticks and zipper pulls allow the user to pull on clothes and to close zippers with limited arm movement.

Adaptive clothing, for women, front-closing and pull-on bras can eliminate the need to reach behind to a back fastener. Many garments for men and women use velcro for closures, which eliminates fumble with buttons for people with limited finger dexterity. Other products are designed to help put shoes on. One is a long-handled shoehorn. Shoe guards allow the user to slip the foot into the shoe without bending or breaking the back of the shoe.

Storage hints, you can rearrange a closet, this can be one of the easiest, no-cost ways to make life easier. Try installing brackets in the closet so the clothes rod can be moved up or down. Hangers will be easier to reach. Store shoes and often-worn clothes at waist or chest height. Many of the new component closet units are available at home improvement stores. These units can be used to rearrange a closet at very little cost and make it much more user friendly.

Remember organization is the key to mental health and safety.