Why Cedar Lined Bedroom Storage Benches? - You just love those wool blankets and sweaters, but last year the moths got into your favorite sweater. You thought you had stored them well, but those moths are sneaky and now your wool sweaters and blankets have holes in them.

When it comes to storing wool products, you should consider a cedar bench. This is a functional piece of furniture, that looks elegant, and doubles as storage. You can get them in all kinds of wood finishes and styles. Such as the one pictured.

You can get indoor benches for anywhere in your house. They are functional and a great way to store things out of sight. But when it comes to storing older linens, antique fabrics and those favorite wool sweaters and blankets, you need a cedar lined one.bedroom storage benches

The cedar has not only a nice aroma, but it prevents months and any insects from attacking your favorite natural fibers. So, if up until now, you have been just stuffing those wool blankets in the hall closet for the summer, and your wool sweaters, somewhere in your closet, then you should consider a different storage option. Coaster Cherry Finish Louis Philippe Style Storage Cedar Chest (pictured)

A good cedar bench, can also store those extra pillows and bedding. It has a light and delicate scent. Most cedar benches are lined with thin pieces of cedar that give off that fresh aromatic scent.

When closed, it doubles as a bench, and you can't smell a thing, but when you open it, the aroma wafts out. Your favorite sweaters and blankets and vintage fabrics, should be stored in her when not being used. This keeps them smelling fresh and moth free, and also frees up your closet for seasonal clothes.

Cedar lined benches can be purchased at most furniture stores, but you can also go shopping for them online, at such places as Amazon.

When shopping online, you can find more variety. You can also compare prices, and get the best deal you can. You can also look for these types of  benches second hand in the ads in the local paper. These are usually pieces of furniture that are around a long time, and sometimes you can get deals on used ones.

No matter how old it gets, you will still get that cedar aroma when you open it. You can always wash your sweater before you wear it, if you don't like that smell, but it is that cedar smell that keeps the moths and insects away.

This is a great piece of furniture to also consider at the cottage. These would make great storage options, for all your linens, and anything you think moths, or even mice and rodents might get at. Most critters do not like the smell of cedar.

You can keep bedroom storage benches at the bottom of your bed. They add to the room, and you can get them to match any style. So, consider adding them, as function, beautiful and useable furniture.

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