Daybeds, Futons, or Pull Out Sofa Beds?

Are you feeling overwelmed trying to furnish a small room in your home or your entire apartment? Decorating a small space is often a harder task to endure than decorating a large space because you must be minimalistic but still have room for all of your necessities(and some fun stuff too!). One of the hardest parts of choosing the furniture for your small space is figuring out how to make a bed work when you do not have space for it. This is especially true in a studio apartment situation because your living space and your bedroom space must work together in the same room. In some situations you may be able to separate these spaces by placing your bed in the corner and using furniture or a room divider to break the space up. If you are unable to do this, you may be interested in looking into other bedding options that will save space and be functional, like daybeds, futons, or pull out couches.


Space Saving Sofa Bunk Bed

Pull out couches are a traditional option that require a lot of work to set up as a bed. The biggest benefit to a pull out is that it creates a full bed and it is the option that has the most traditional couch look. The couch cushions must be pulled out and stored, and the inner bed frame must be lifted up and pulled out, hence being a "pull out couch". This creates a full sized bed which is optimal for adults to sleep on but does have disadvantages. Pulling the frame out can be heavy and difficult for some people to do. Another issue is the mattress used, as it is necessary to have the mattress folded in half to fit it inside of the couch, usually causing the already thing mattress to be squished down to a level that is not ideal for sleeping on every night.


Futons are an easier option to set up, but still have their own problems as well. A futon is a couch that folds down flat. They can have separate cushions or one solid cushion for the mattress. If it has one solid cushion, you may encounter a similar problem to the mattress on the pull out couches because the cushion must be folded in half to make it fit on the couch. Separate cushions avoid this issue. Futons tend to be on the lower price range of space saving beds and also lower quality, however more expensive nicer options are out there.


The final option for space saving beds is a daybed. A daybed usually looks like a futon when it is in “couch mode”, but there is no transformation for a daybed to become a sleeping bed. The difference between a daybed and a regular couch is that the sitting space on the daybed is flat and works as a bed in itself. This may sound like you are just sleeping on the couch, but there are different styles and options available for daybeds that create a more comfortable sleeping arrangement. One of the most popular options for a daybed is a trundle. A trundle is like a drawer underneath the bed that pulls out to create a second bed, perfect for a childs sleepover guest. Trundles can also be built to pop up and become level with the daybed surface to create a flat full sized sleeping area. This is probably the best option for adult sleeping because you can spread out on it.


Each of these options may be beneficial to your small living space if you cannot effectively integrate a regular bed into the room. A futon, daybed or pull out couch are slept on by many people successfully, but you will need to find the best option for you. Whichever piece of furniture you go with, I'm sure its better than sleeping on the floor!