As a dad I struggled at night when my 5 year old continually got up from sleeping complaining she was burning up. She would basically sleep without anything on, ceiling fan on high, floor fan going and would still wake up sweating. We asked the doctor what we could do and they gave some suggestions but nothing really worked. We then ran across these sheets and thought nothing else worked so why not. I am here to tell you that they are GREAT.... We are finally sleeping through the night without any mention of being hot or waking up sweating. We have no problem washing the sheets and they are so soft that there is no need for fabric softener. Thanks again for the great product.

I was doubtful about these sheets, but I've been waking up overheated for weeks and was desperate for something. What a delight. They are tissue thin and very silky to the touch. I've always used 100% cotton sheets so I was skeptical as I put them on my mattress. But my husband and I have both noticed a big difference in our comfort level at night.
I have been recommending them to all my friends. It is such a small change, but makes a big difference in my sleep.


These sheets delivered superior quality and luxury. Beyond comfort they are soft, silky, and low maintenance. The material washes well and holds up to repeated use. The fabric, unlike cotton or silk, does not snag easily, nor does it cling or discolor. My night sweats are not as disturbing as they were with the "old" sheets. In fact, I now have minimal sleep interruptions due to hot flashes/night sweats