Choosing a beside commode can be a lot easier once you understand the features that make some of these toilets better than others. This piece of medical equipment can deliver true peace of mind for those who suffer from overactive bladder syndrome or who have limited mobility due to illness or surgery. Trying to reach the bathroom at night can be dangerous and accidents often happen. The convenience of a bedside commode makes it well worth the price. Many of the top manufacturers of incontinence products also manufacture bedside commodes and the design has improved greatly over the years. Today, they are lighter, stronger, and easier to use than ever. When you are shopping for a toilet for yourself or a loved one just keep in mind the features below to make choosing a bedside toilet easier.

Features of a Bedside Commode

Metal Frame – The best commodes will have a strong frame that is made from either stainless steel, a coated metal, or aluminum. This is important because there will be splashes and accidents and urine can easily corrode other metals. Plus, a metal frame is sturdy enough to withstand repeated uses and heavier patients. Most of the top weight limits for a bedside commode is around 300 pounds. For weaker patients or when a toilet has to be moved around often, aluminum is a great choice because it is so lightweight.

Bedside CommodeCompactness – If you find a toilet that folds then you will probably want to consider it. These commodes may be used sporadically and one that stores easily until needed is well worth any additional cost. Traveling with a bedside commode is common as well and a collapsible model will easily fit in the trunk of a car.

Seating – The collection bucket and seating area are almost always a high strength molded plastic. Check for the simplest design without any nooks or crannies for bacteria to collect in. The simpler the better because it will make cleaning a snap. Also, the bucket should be totally removable so the frame can be positioned over a regular toilet for times when sitting low is difficult and extra height it needed. A flexible toilet is one that can stay by the bed, but also work over the bathroom toilet.

Extras – The sky is the limit on some of the extra features found on a bedside commode. Padded seats, drop arms, and wheels are just some of the add-ons that may add comfort and convenience. Of course, all of these come with a price.

There are many great models for sale on Amazon and one of the best values is a folding steel bedside commode for the ultimate in portability. Incontinence issues are not to be taken lightly, but the convenience of a bedside toilet can make the worry a lot less.  Whether a solution is needed permanently or just during a short recovery period, it is hard to beat the value of these toilets for the benefits they can provide.