What to do if you have a bee hive in your home? The answer is to call a bee hive company to remove the bee hive and repair any damages. Bee hive removal and repair is an important element of any bee hive removal project performed by professionals. In this article you will find out why.

When you located a bee hive it is time to contact a bee hive removal specialist. Look into the yellow pages or on the internet for any professionals in the neighborhood. When you found one and informed your family and possibly the neighbors about the bee hive you need to wait until the bee hive removal company comes to remove it.

Depending on how big the bee hive is and how easy it is to remove many people consider to remove the bee hive themselves. They think that when the bee hive is gone the problems are gone but that is not entirely true. A honeycomb that is not properly removed can attract other bees for years to establish their hive in the abondoned hive. It is recommended that you remove and clean the area of the bee hive within 10 days after you have treated it.

Other pests like rats, ants, moths and more like to eat honey and are attracted by the smell of honey. They will not leave that snack alone and you might have a new pest at your hands. Bees can build a 20 to 30 pound hive deep inside your wall without you seeing how big it is. This is why it is so important to call a bee hive company for removal instead of doing it yourself. You can be overwhelmed by all the bees when doing it yourself and that can turn into a life threatening situation.

One other reason for removing the whole honeycomb is that a honeycomb always contain honey. When the temperature is rising the honey is going to melt and can drip down on your walls, ceiling or floor. Everyone knows honey can be very difficult to remove and you can damage your wall, ceiling or floor when doing so.

So what exactly does professional bee hive removal and repair mean? A bee hive removal expert will locate the honeycomb at your home and see how deep it is invested into a certain area. After removal he may need to cut a hole into your wall or remove some roof tiles to properly remove the hive. When he removed the whole honeycomb and cleaned the area he repairs the damage and will paint the area to cover up the smell/pheromones that attract other bees or pests.