For years I heard about the many bee pollen benefits that people seem to reap from eating the little yellow pellets. Only until I was browsing my local farmer's market when I came across a bee keeper who was selling her own pollen did I try it. Well, I tasted a sample anyway, and it was surprisingly sweet, and good. I bought a quarter of an ounce worth to take home and that was enough to get me hooked.

Bee pollen is a nutritionally dense "food." It is jam-packed with minerals, vitamins and amnio-acids - people taking it every day are getting a dose of a mini natural vitamin, which is arguably better quality than manufactured supplements. Bee pollen is made from, well pollen of course the trees and flowers in bloom throughout the year, or seasons depending where you live. As the bee flies home it goes through a small gate where its pollen is siphoned off for humans to collect, eat and sell. A responsible bee keeper will collect only a portion of the pollen, and let the bees take most of their prize home.

Bee pollen is not honey, after you've seen some bee pollen you will never get them confused again, they are little small pellets, generally a bright yellow color. These bits of pollen are used as natural dietary supplements for many ailments such as-stomach problems, alcohol addiction, allergies. Below is a list of other claimed bee pollen benefits:

  • Helps ward off disease and serious illness
  • Used as an antioxidant to help slow the aging process
  • Improve sexual health
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps with fatigue
  • A good immune booster
  • Helps with menopause

Not all these effects are proven, they are anecdotal however taken very seriously by the health food community because there have been many great improvements associated with the timing of taking bee pollen. Bee pollen, like many food items are best purchased locally. Investigating on the web for a reputable source before you try it out will help insure it's quality as well as the good treatment towards the bees.

Bee pollen should not be taken by people with allergies or if a woman is pregnant, speaking to a doctor is advisable first.