The Importance of a Quality Beer Mug

Beer Mug

The Importance of the "right" glass

The importance of having the right glass may be overlooked by many. It may seem that it is being overly picky to say that specific beers should be consumed from specific glasses. Perhaps it is. But there is a distinct difference in taste quality from the different glasses. The reason for this is mostly because of the amount of  head.

The different types of glasses are designed to capture the correct amount of “head” for the specific brand of beer or ale. The reason that it is desirable is to capture a good amount of, “head” is that beers have specific compounds that evaporate that give the different beers that specific flavor and aroma. With no head these will evaporate faster decreasing the taste of a good quality brew.

Pint glasses and Beer mugs are by far the most versatile of the glasses. The results from drinking from pint glasses and beer mugs and stiens will always of at least “decent” quality, almost regardless of the beer type chosen. These mugs tend to be of heartier construction than pint glasses and also happen to be the best choice for a few more types of of your favorite golden brew.

If you only have one type of glassware, therefore, it is best to have beer mugs. They have a heartier construction, will last longer and at least are far better than "any old mug" for your consumption.

A Nice Collection of Stemware

The complete set of Beer Glassware

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set, 6-Piece
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The complete sampler set includes everything you could possibly want for beer stemware. Mugs, Wiezen, Pilsner, Pint, Belgian, Stout.

With this set, you have stemware for everyone and the prefect vehicle for every style and make of golden lager.

Pilsner and Weizen Beer Glasses

Pale and Wheat beers often taste best in the longer and slightly fluted Pilsner glassware.  These glasses usually contain a bit less beer than the pint glass. They have a long and tapered look and have a much thinner glass than the thick mug glass.

The broad and slightly curved top designed to hold and keep the "head" of these beers.

Wiezen glasses are often confused with Pilsner glasses.  To be completely honest, both types of these beer glasses are fairly close in shape. size and design, but Weizen glassware made for wheat beers and have more of a curve to the taper, where Pilsner glassware will have a strait and "flatter" angle to the taper.

The thin glass used in both the Pilsner and Wiezen glasses should show off the beers carbonation and coloration. (Never forget your eyes are one of your senses and a beautiful looking beer is a factor in the overall quality too!)

Pilsner and Wiezen Glasses

The Right Glassware for Pale's and Wheat's

Marquis by Waterford Vintage Pilsner Glasses, Set of 4
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A beautiful set of fine Pilsner Glassware, made by Waterford, THE NAME in quality and classy glass, stemware and crystal. If you like Pale and Wheat beers then these glasses, or ones like it are simply a must.

Beer Tasting Guide

Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink
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Are you unsure of the naunce's proper beer tasting? Does the proper tasting and techniques confuse you.

Are you just looking to find out more about your favorite golden beverage?

In this comprehensive guide Randy discusses everything in the creation process from the hops and barley to fermentation, filtration and carbonation that results in your favorite golden brew.

WIth this guide you will be able to identify all types and style of beer by taste and look as well as flavor, scent, color and the basic "feel" of the beer.

A great guide for any beer aficionado.

25 Type of Beer that go Particularly Well with the Classic Beer Mug

Finding just the right Mug

There are nearly as many ways to drink beer as there are types of the golden nector.

If your goal for drinking  is simply to get drunk fast, chances are that the type of glass or mug is utilized is of little importance. Heck, you probably drink it directly from the bottle or can and enjoy the heck out of it.

However, if you're drinking beer for the pleasure of the experience, then a good mug or glass to make all the difference in the final results.

To put it simply, if the maximizing the taste of your malted beverage is something that is important for you, then finding the proper glass to drink from is something that should also be important.

There are many different types of glasses for your favorite brew too! These glasses have nothing to do with "Glasses" that may be gotten from drinking too much alcohol in general. These glasses are far more important than that!  They include Pilsner glasses, Pint glasses, Wiezen (Wheat) Glasses and of course the classic Beer ”Mug” or “Stein.”

 Fo those with the "Classic" Style of Mug here is a nice list of 25 of the great tasting brews that go well with this container.

1) American Amber

2) American Blond ale

3) American Brown ale

4) Cream ale

5) Chezch Pilsner

6) Black and Tan

7) Baltic Porter

8) American dark wheat Ale

9) Oatmeal Stout

10) Irish red ale

11) Irish dry Stout

12) Spiced

13) German Pilsner

14) Scottish Ale

15) Witbier

16) Keller Bier

17) Euro Dark lager

18) English Porter

19) English Stout

20) English Strong ale

21) American pale ale

22) American malt liquor

23) Bock

24) India pale ale

25) Fruit

Discover the very best in Mugs and to get your favorite golden beverage to new hieghts of taste and quality.

Pint Glasses and "Classic" Mugs

Traditional British "Pint" Glass

Authentic British Style Imperial Pint Glass with Etched Seal
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A beautiful and traditional British Pint glass with the traditional "Tulip" design along the top to hold the head.

How to Properly Pour from a Bottle