This article outlines a few of my favorite beer drinking games for those who love to kick back, drink some beer, and enjoy a little friendly competition while doing so. 

Beer Pong

  • Players:  Typically four (two to each team)
  • Necessary Materials:  Beer, Plastic Cups, Ping Pong Balls
  • Breakdown/Rules:  Quickly becoming a classic beer drinking game, beer pong involves two opposing teams shooting ping pong balls across a table in attempt to land them in the opposite teams’ beer cups.  Each time a player sinks a shot in a cup of a beer a member of the opposing team must drink and finish that cup.  The specific rules vary widely amongst players. 
  • Scoring:  There first team to sink all their opponents cups typically wins the match.


  • Necessary Materials:  Bottled beer, two pint glasses
  • Players:  Two
  • Breakdown/Rules:  Typically played between just two people.  A pair of beer drinkers sit on the ground about seven to ten feet apart from one another.  Each place a pint glass between their legs, and fill it with a healthy amount of bottled beer.  The opponents then take turns trying to shoot their beer caps (from the bottled beer) into each other’s pint glasses.  Each time a player successfully sinks a cap, his opponent must finish the beer in his pint glass and retrieve the cap. 
  • Scoring:  A point is awarded each time a player sinks a cap in his opponent’s pint glass.  First player to five wins.  Must win by two.

Harmon Killebrew

  • Necessary Materials:  Beer
  • Players:  unlimited
  • Breakdown/Rules:  This is a rotational beer drinking game fittingly named after legendary baseball player Harmon Killebrew.  A player starts the game by saying the name of any celebrity.  For example, Kobe Bryant.  The player to his right then starts to drink his beer until he (or she) can think of the name of a celebrity whose first name begins with the first letter of the previously stated celebrity’s last name.  So in this example, a suitable response would be any celebrity whose first name begins with the letter “B”, such as Brittney Spears or Brad Pitt.  In the instance where a player says the name of a celebrity who last name ends in “H”, the next player in the rotation may then say “Harmon Killebrew!”, which means the next player in the rotation must “kill-his-entire-brew” no matter how fresh it is. 


  • Necessary Materials:  Beer
  • Players:  Three to Six
  • Breakdown/Rules:  Each player has a beer.  Someone starts the game by counting “1”, and then the person to his right says “2”, and then next person “3”, and so on and so forth until… a number that contains 7 (7, 17 37, 78 etc) or a number that is divisible by 7 (14, 35, 63 etc) is reached.   When that happens, instead of the player saying “7”, or “14” or “17”, they instead say “Bottle!”, and the rotation then switches from right to left, sending the count back in the other direction.  To demonstrate, this is how a proper bottle sequence would go:  1,2,3,4,5,6, Bottle! (Reverse direction), 8,9,10,11,12,13, Bottle! (reverse direction again) 15, 16, Bottle! (Reverse direction), 18, 19… and so on and so forth until somebody inevitably screws up.  And when that happens, everyone playing takes a healthy chug of their beer, and the count then starts back at “1” with the person who blew it. 

Hope you enjoyed this article on my favorite beer drinking games!