Firstly all beer can be classed as lager or ale. The difference comes from the type of yeast used in the brewing, the temperature and the length of time taken to ferment.

Beer is one of the most popular drinks the world over and there are countless types and brands available.

 Beers and ales start out the same way, grains such as barley are malted ( this means that the seed is allowed to sprout in a moist setting and then it is dried) Yeast is then added and it ferments for a specified amount of time and temperature depending on what type of beer It is.

Hops are added to alter the taste in terms of sweetness.


Lager is made from yeast the settles at the bottom of the vat. It is usually paler in colour and ferments at temperatures of 10 – 15 degrees Celsius. Lager takes longer to ferment that ale, they were traditionally brewed in cool German caves.

Another factor differentiating ale from lager is the act that lager is kept in cool storage many months before being served or sold.


Ale is made from yeast which ferments at the top of the vat at temperatures ranging from 15 – 25 degrees Celsius. Ale is fermented much more quickly and usually has higher alcohol content. It also has more flavour and is darker in colour.

Beer was traditionally a cloudy drink, Pilsner was the first beer brewed that was clear and not cloudy which set the scene for many beers brands to come.

Many ingredients can be added to beers to give it various flavour, including fruit, corn and spices.


Stout is a very dark beer made using roasted malt or barley, hope, yeast and water. Simple ingredients make up stout. The name stout is intermixed with the word porter, both terms generally used to refer to the same drink.

Guinness is perhaps the most famous brand of stout available worldwide and it has a reputation of being a nourishing, strength imbibing drink.