Beer Game

Party Game

The Beer Pong Game originally was played with paddles, a net and a cup or cups of beer on each side of a ping pong table. As time went on a version without paddles was created. Beer Pong is also known as Beirut in the United States and in Ireland the game is called Crossmaglen.

You can set up a Beer Pong Game on a ping pong table, a dining table or on a folding table but since the Beer Pong Game has become so popular with college fraternities, bars, pubs, households and households with pools, companies now build and sell a variety of custom ping pong tables.

Setting up for a Beer Pong Game is easy. You can use six, ten or twelve 16 oz. fluid plastic cups arranged into a triangle at each side of the table. Each cup has some kind of liquid in them but beer is used most often. A ping pong ball is used to play the game and the challange is to get the ping pong ball into one of the cups and drink the beer within the cup you got the ball in. Another way to play the Beer Pong Game is use water in the cups and when you get the ping pong ball into a cup, you drink from another cup that your either holding or have on the side. You don't have to use an alcoholic beverage to play this game. Your favorite softdrink will do just fine if your a non drinker. The point of the game is to have fun while socializing.


Floating Beer Pong TableCustom Made Beer Pong Tables


Beer Pong Tables have become so popular that pubs and bars have special Beer Pong nights to attract customers. Many people have them in their households either in their party room and some have a floatable Beer Pong Table in their pool. specializes in custom made Beer Pong Tables. They have a variety of custom tables, table tops and floatable tables for the pool. They can put any image or photo you want on your custom Beer Pong Table and have it delivered straight to your door.

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