Mass Produced Lager

The theme of this article is mass-produced lager. I review 10 of the big mass-produced beers. These are beers that you can find pretty much wherever you are in the world.

So without further to do lets start with the first entry Carlsberg Lager.


1. Carlsberg Lager

Carlsberg Lager

The best thing I can say about Carlsberg lager is that its cheap. The beer in the picture cost less than £1.

It always amazes me how some of the blandest most tasteless beers are the ones that are the most commercially successful. Just like Bud and Fosters, Carlsberg is massively successful but as far as beers go, is incredibly characterless. Maybe that is the skill, to produce a beer that is so bland and flavorless that it reaches the largest audience on account of being impossible to find offensive.

Anyway back to the beer. No aroma at all, slightly fizzy, very watery, with a complete lack of flavor. It's not that it is terrible, it is just so flavorless.

Rating 4/10


2. Fosters Lager

Fosters Lager


Wherever you are in the world you will pretty much be assured to find a Fosters Lager. Fosters is the typical mass-produced watery, characterless lager. Beer has no distinctive taste to speak of but it is cheap and inoffensive.  Fosters tends to go down well at Sporting Events when the sun is shining.

Rating 5/10


3. Carlsberg Export

Carlsberg Export

Beer pours a glowing yellow which resembles radioactive urine. Not much head to speak off and quite heavy carbonation. First impressions are that the beer has no smell at all. Initial taste is watery and then sweet. The beer leaves a very sickly sweet overriding aftertaste. This one is possibly even worse than the plain Carlsberg Lager. Not nice at all.

Rating 3/10

4. Tsing Tao

Tsing Tao is the chinese equivalent of Fosters. It doesn't taste bad and it does the job but there isn't much to get excited about. That said it is better than the other big Chinese lagers.

Rating 5/10


Tsing Tao Lager


5. San Miguel

San Miguel seems to have ridden a wave of popularity recently. Personally I don't understand why this beer has become so popular it tastes much the same as the other mass-produced lagers available. Watery and very bland.

Rating 4/10


San Miguel

6. Peroni Nastro Azzurro


Peroni seems to promise more than it delivers. It costs more than other beers and is served in a lot of upmarket bars and restaurants. It looks like a great beer as well, the beer pours a radiant yellow with massive head. Unfortunately the taste is very average, the beer is quite light and fizzy with a slight bitterness but overall very unmemorable. A very typical macro lager.

Rating 5/10


7.  Heineken Lager

Heinekin Lager

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Heineken. I can't really explain why after all it is very similar to a lot of other macro lagers, but for whatever reason I find it a better beer.

Beer pours a clear yellow colour with medium white head. For a macro lager it has some malty aroma and a slight bitter finish. A very easy drinking, solid, European lager.

Rating 7/10


8. Singha Beer

Singha Beer

It had been a long time since I have had a Singha beer, and for whatever reason I always remembered it as a decent lager.  I ordered this Singha beer out at a Restaurant with a Thai curry. As a lager there isn't much taste to speak of, the overriding impression is tastelessness with a hint of sweetness in the finish. It did the job and washed down the curry, but there are better tasting lagers out there than Singha.

 Rating 4/10

9. Asahi Super Dry



The unique thing about the Asahi Super Dry (aside from being brewed with all natural ingredients) is that it is brewed with rice. This helps to give it the very dry mouth feel. The beer pours a very thin light yellow with quite heavy carbonation and a small to medium head. The taste is very dry and not as sweet as other lagers, this works very well and I can imagine this beer would be perfect with salty/spicy Asian dishes. The beer is very easy to drink leaves a very fresh aftertaste. I enjoyed this beer a lot.

Rating 8/10


10. Grolsch Premium Lager

Grolsch Lager

As far as cheap session lagers go you can do a lot worse than Grolsch. It is cheap and in my opinion notably better than its competitions like Carlsberg and Fosters. Grolsch is not an outstanding or memorable beer but it is a decent enough session lager.

Rating 7/10

That concludes my beer review of 10 mass-produced lagers. Thanks for taking the time to read.