Beehive Honey Wheat by Bristol Brewing is not a typical 'wheat beer' in that its malt profile consists of 2-row and munich malt as well as wheat malt, and lacks the noticeable spicy, banana and clove notes that you may associate with a wheat beer. Rather, it's an American Wheat style which is refreshing and drinkable, low-alcohol (4%).

Beehive comes across with less sweetness than some other Bristol beers I've tried (e.g., Mass Transit Ale, Red Baron Oktoberfest). If I have one complaint about Bristol's other creations, it's that they are sometimes too sweet for what they are. It might seem odd that, given that honey is an ingredient in Beehive, it's not very sweet, but as honey ferments out completely due to its simpler sugar profile than malt, it makes some sense. If anything, the honey dries it out a little, and imparts a faint, floral essence to the aroma which mixes well with the hop aroma. This honey-and-hops aroma effect is most obviously noticeable in a hopped mead such as Redstone Meadery's Nectar Of The Hops, if you're looking for a comparison point.

Hop bitterness here is not a priority, nor should it be, and is barely noticeable except in the aftertaste.I do feel like I could have used more wheat in the malt bill, though I get how their approach results in year-drinkability that you wouldn't get in a product more closely resembling the unfiltered, German-style Hefeweizen that I love. If someone out there
wants to make a dense, unfiltered German-style wheat with a good amount of honey in it, you'll have at least one potential customer: me.

Beehive Honey Wheat by Bristol Brewing
Credit: cidersage

Chances are, if you know Bristol already it's because of Laughing Lab, their flagship Scottish Ale, which has apparently been winning awards since 1994 (that being the year that the brewery started). It's good as far as Scottish Ales go, though that style isn't really my thing (see above 'too sweet' discussion above). My recommendation is to either visit the brewery itself in Colorado Springs or acquire a mixed 12-pack so that you can sample a number of their beers without having to buy 6-packs of each just to do so.

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Beehive Honey Wheat by Bristol Brewing cidersage 2013-09-05 3.5