Beers of Bremen (and surrounding area)

This article looks at a selection of beers from Bremen Germany. Bremen is a city in the North of Germany and is perhaps most famous (when it comes to beer) for the Becks Brewery. In Bremen you will find Becks served in the vast majority of bars and restaurants in Bremen. This article reviews 5 beers from the Bremen region.

1. Haake Beck Pilsner

Haake Beck Pils

Haake Beck is brewed by the Becks Brewery. Beer pours a very clear yellow with a light head and malty aroma. The Haake Beck Pils has a slight citrus sweetness to it, with a crisp and dry finish. I am not generally a fan of Becks Beers but this one was pretty good. Overall this is a very decent Pilsner.

Rating 7/10


2. Becks Green Lemon

Becks Green Lemon

What is it a beer, a soda...or something else completely? After having a couple of these Becks Green Lemon bottles I still don't know the answer to that. The first thing to notice is the light green color. The beer is very sweet, it tastes more of lime soda than it does of beer. I can imagine this would be very refreshing on a stinking hot summers day, but otherwise you would be better off drinking a Shandy (lager and lemonade).

Rating 3/10


3. Haake Beck Krausen

Haake Beck Krausen

Another Becks beer….. The Haake Beck Krausen is a select beer found only on tap in and around Bremen. The beer has extra yeast added after fermentation to give it a smoother slightly more malty taste than standard pale ales.

The beer has an unusual color on first look it appears to be pale clear like a lager but on second inspection it is a cloudy yellow due to being unfiltered. The beer has a slightly wheat aroma and tastes like something between a Wheat beer and a Pils. It is a very drinkable beer and something quite different.

 Rating 8/10


4. Jever Pils

Jever Pilsner

I have tasted a lot of German Pilsners and without doubt this is one of the best. The Jever Pilsner is everything you could ever wish for in a Pilsner. Beer pours a clear light golden with a medium head. The taste is superbly fresh and clean with a crisp, dry aftertaste. I loved this beer and could have drunk a lot more.

Rating 10/10


5. Becks Vier

Becks Vier

Becks Vier is not so common in Bremen itself but seems very popular in other parts of Europe. It is very popular in the UK at the moment. Becks Vier is branded as a premium lager which is quite deceiving because it tastes very similar to every other run of the mill mass-produced lager. To be honest I don’t really have strong feelings one way or the other about Becks Vier. It's better than a lot of mainstream lagers but it’s very difficult to get excited about it. I had a Carlsberg lager straight after this Becks Vier and it was better than the Carlsberg so for that I have to score it slightly higher. Overall it’s not bad but so very dull.

Rating 5/10


That concludes this review of Bremen Beers.