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Are you throwing a party, do you have a keg of beer? Every beer drinker needs good beer keg taps and quality beer keg tap handles to serve their party of guests. Beer keg taps can come with your favorite beer brand like amstel, budweiser, heineken, miller, samuel adams, beck's or any other popular beer brands. Keg beer taps can almost be like a collection, as much as a use for beer drinkers. There's some very nice beer keg taps and beer keg tap handles online.

Your best bet of finding beer keg taps for sale, is shopping online for a good deal. Even beer keg tap handles can be quite expensive, and sometimes a quality one can cost a few hundred dollars. The good thing about the internet, is that it allows you to shop around and compare prices. There's some good websites online that provide good quality beer keg taps and beer keg tap handles for very reasonable prices.

The different types of beer keg taps

First off, figuring out what kind of beer keg taps to buy requires a little insight on the coupler size that you need. There's six different beer keg tap coupler that are commonly used for beer drinkers. Kegs require specific beer keg taps, not just any kind. Coupler sizes come in a A system, D system, G system, M system, S system, and U system. Standardized material made is typically stainless steel for most beer keg taps. Standardized sankey beer keg taps for kegerators are different than dispensing beer straight from a keg. For dispensing a keg of beer, you'll need a keg beer tap pump. Keg pumps doesn't require a Co2 tank.

US Sankey keg beer Couple - This is the most popular and commonly used keg beer tap in the United states. Common brand beers like Michelob, Budweiser, Miller, Coors, and basically any other American brew uses the D system coupler size. These are the cheapest keg taps, that go for about $20.

European Sankey Keg coupler - European stem is 1/4 inch longer than the US, and fits some beer kegs like Heineken, Amstel, Beck's, Belhaven, Hahn, Scottish-New castle, and Pilsner Urquell. The coupler is a S system size. The European beer keg tap tends to go for a slightly higher price than the US, around $30.

Bass Ale Keg coupler - Specifically for Bass Ale beers, but the keg valves can fit for Anchor, Abbot Ale, Blackthorne Cider, Grolsch, Scottish Tennents, Boddingtons, Fuller's, and Watneys. Comes in the coupler size G system. It's one of the more expensive beer taps, that goes as high as $60.

German Beer Keg Tap coupler - Design to fit most german beer kegs. Beers like Warsteiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, and Spaten. The valves come in the A system coupler size. Price goes for about the same as the Bass Ale Keg coupler.

Guinness Keg coupler - The valves will fit the Guinness Stout, Abby White, Kilkenny, Leffe, Magners, Smithwicks Ale, and Harp Lager. The coupler size valves come in the U system. Price goes for about $60.

M System Beer Keg coupler - It's a brand new coupler available on the market in the US. It's expensive and goes for a high price of about $100. The values come in the system M. Available brews for this keg tap are Schneider, Aventinus, Einbecker, and Veltins.

Where to find beer keg taps and beer keg tap handles for sale

Ebay - They got tons of different beer keg taps and beer keg tap handles, variety different ones that can go for a fairly cheap price. You can usually find cheaper deals than other retail price products on different sites, even paces like amazon. You can either bid for a lower pice than other retail prices on the web, or find a seller offering beer kegs for a cheaper price. Ebay is probably the top place if you're looking for a cheap deal on beer keg taps and beer keg tap handles.

Amazon - It might not be ebay, but there's quite a few beer keg taps and beer keg tap handles that go for a good price, that are currently on sale. They got some interesting beer keg tap handles. Beach babe beer top handles, leprechaun beer tap handles, and currently have a great price on a beer tap handle display stand. Which includes budweiser, icehouse light, miller genuine draft, henry's dark, and genuine draft light. Beer keg taps can go as low as $20 on ebay.

Kegworks - This is a great site, and you can find some good deals on there as well. You can find specifically what beer keg tap is needed for your keg. They also have a variety of beer keg tap handles that go for a cheap price on their sight. Some keg tap handles go as last as 8 dollars.

Recommended sites to buy beer keg tap handles online

Beer keg tap handles can be looked at as novelty as much anything. There's some beer keg tap handles that with a specific logo design, like maybe your favorite football team, or favorite beer. You can even have beer keg tap handles custom design, but that's not cheap. Some beer keg tap handles can be a bit expensive. Some can cost as high as $50 just for tap handles. You can find good keg tap handles from places like ebay, amazaon, and kegworks.

Check out as well if you're looking for beer brand key tap handles. They got nearly hundreds of different beer keg tap handles in stock. Prices can get a little high for popular ones, and range anywhere from $45-$79. They do have nearly every popular beer brand in stock though.