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This flying insect, closely related to wasps and ants, are known for their role in producing beeswax, honey and pollination. Though many species are undescribed, atleast 20,000 are known. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem. Bees obtain nectar from flowers using a long probiscis ( long tongue).

Things You Will Need

Relocate tactics

Some professional extermination services can remove bee or wasp nest but this can be very time consuming and costly. Fortunately there is an alternative to destroying the colony through poison that can be harmful to humans.

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Future infestation prevention

Whichever method you decide to use, "termination" or "humane", proofing and cleaning the area are essential. Closing any openings on exterior of home or building that bees can use to enter must be done using caulking on cracks or small holes, this can be done yourself, yet the actual techniques described in the next section must be done by a profession extermination company only.

An old farmers trick

A full body enclosed bee suit is recomended when completing this process. when the infestation is "exterior" meaning, "no insects are able to reach inside of dwelling", if not, all openings giving access to interior must be closed. A 2 foot square piece of screen is usually sufficient. The screen will be rolled diagonal with the large opening covering the entrance that the bees use to enter dwelling and the small end, about 1/4 inch wide, enough room for bees or wasp to exit opposite side. The sceen must be tacked with nails or staples so that there is no room between screen and surface attached to. When the bees or wasps go through their daily routine of leaving the nest to find nectar and pollen, they will try to return and wont be able to forcing them to literally relocate themselves. this process can take 2 to 4 days to complete so its best to continue to be cautious during this period.

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This is not a "do it yourself article". Ask a professional exterminator if they are willing to perform this strategy. This is a cheap and eco -friendly alternative to using poison. Bees and wasps can harm or possibly kill humans, you may even have an allergy to their venom and don't realize it. Stay away and let a pro do it!

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