Before You Get a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is popular among many people such as sports stars, celebrities, musicians, and ordinary people such as you or I.  Before you get a tattoo there are several things you must take into consideration.  Getting body art is not something you should take lightly because it will be with you for the rest of your life unless you spend a considerable amount of money to have the tattoo removed by a doctor.  You mustn't just go out and get a tattoo because everyone else is getting body art too.

In this article we will discuss some things you should do before you spend money on body art that will be with you for a long time.  It is a big decision to go out and get a tattoo so you should take the time to make up your mind before deciding on getting the work done.

Decide What You Want

Before you go out to a tattoo shop you need to spend time deciding what type of tattoo you want to get.  It is important that you spend a considerable amount of time deciding exactly the type of tattoo that you are interested in.  You should make a list of ideas that you want for your new body art.  For example, if you are into music you could write down such things as a treble clef, a guitar, or a band name.  This will help you narrow down your decision about what you want for your new tattoo design.  This will save you time when you go to the tattoo parlor.  Bring your ideas to the shop and discuss your idea with the artist.

Going to the Tattoo Shop

Once you have narrowed down your ideas with the artist he or she will make up some designs that you can have a look at. If you find something you like but are not sure of try to focus on what you like about the design and have the artist sketch out some more ideas for you. This will make it easier for the artist to figure out exactly what you're looking for and design something that you'll be comfortable with having on your skin. Don't just accept any old thing because the artist won't know if this is what you really want.It's your money so make sure you get the design that you'll be happy with.

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

When it comes to your tattoo there are other things to consider. First the place you get your tattoo on your body is going to matter in the long run. While tattoos on the arms, legs,and back are fine since most people won't see them, a facial tattoo can be another matter. Many places of employment won't enjoy the fact that you have a facial tattoo and it may be difficult to get hired with one for some jobs. If you do get one make sure you're going to be happy with it in the long run. Other things to consider is the type of tattoo such as a persons name.  While it is fine to get the name of a artist ot celebrity on your arm you might not want to get your girlfriend's name on your arm because you may or may not be with that person forever. This is an important decision to make so don't take it lightly. Some good name ideas would be the name of a fallen comrade from battle or another similar name but not the name of your wife or girlfriend.  Just be sure of names before you go out and get them because it will cost you more than the tattoo to get the name removed in the future.

Tattoo Care

As you age your skin will age too and your tattoo will probably not look as good as the day you first got it. You should try and look after your skin as much as possible so this means staying out of the sun for long periods of time which will fade your tattoo a bit more rapidly for those pieces of art that are exposed to the sun. Tattoos may also start to look different as you age and may not have the same fine details as when you first got the piece of body art. if you look after your artwork you can enjoy it for yeears to come. Ask the artisit about some tips to maintain the look of your tattoo I am sure that he or she could help you in that area.

Enjoy Your Body Art

Your tattoo can be a wonderful way to express yourself but make sure it's something you want before you rush out and get one. Take the time to consider the type of tattoo you want and finalize the design with the artist before getting the work done. These are just a few of the things to consider before you get a tattoo.