You have read of many successful stories about super affiliates for Clickbank affiliate program.

You have heard that joining Clickbank affiliate program is one of the best things you can do to make money online.

However, before you join Clickbank affiliate program, you need to know how tough it is.

Clickbank affiliate program is one of the toughest affiliate program to succeed in.

Many new affiliate marketers do not even make a single sale. Some new affiliate marketers manage to generate a sale. However, they are not able to meet the requirement for the first pay check.

Let us look at the some of the terms and conditions that work against a new affiliate marketer.

1. Customer Distribution Requirement

This customer distribution requirement is in place to protect vendors from unethical affiliate marketers. A new affiliate marketer has to meet the customer distribution requirement in order to get the first check.

Clickbank affiliate program allows you to earn the first paycheck only if you have 5 sales made with 5 different credit card numbers. These 5 different credit card numbers must come from two different sources. That means you need to have sales from Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

The problem is that different paypal account numbers is not considered as a credit card number.

Even if you have 100 sales and all the customers paid with Paypal, you would still not meet the minimum requirement to reach payout.

That is the first reason why it is so hard to make money with Clickbank affiliate program. You have to pray that customers pay with credit cards instead of Paypal.

2. 90 days rule

If you do not have a sale within a 90 days period, your account is considered as dormant account.

Clickbank will deduct $1 per day from your account.

That means you need to make a sale every 90 days. If you have the first sale, and you do not want Clickbank to deduct $1 per day for dormant account, you need to generate a second sale within 90 days.

Many new affiliate marketers give up at this point. They see no possibility of getting a second sale from Clickbank affiliate program.

Some new affiliate marketers buy a product in order to keep the account active. They hope to generate another sale in the next 90 days period.

3. Digital products

Clickbank affiliate program has only digital products for you to sell.

When the economy is in a downturn, many people do not find it worthwhile to buy digital products. They rather spend money on grocery.

An economy downturn is the time when money is better spent on toilet rolls and other necessities. The problem with Clickbank affiliate program is that the targeted audience is buyers from US and Europe. It is quite unusual for anyone from China or Latin America to buy the products.

The three reasons are the main reasons that make 90% of the affiliate marketers failed in Clickbank affiliate program.

Does it mean that you should not join Clickbank affiliate program as affiliate marketer?

There are a few reasons why you should join Clickbank affiliate program.

1. Success rate

If you are willing to work hard, you should join Clickbank affiliate program. Clickbank affiliate program has produced many super affiliate marketers. These are the ones who can earn a 5-digit monthly commission, and they are able to quit working for others.

The advantage of Clickbank affiliate program is the high commission rate. Many products in Clickbank affiliate program has commission as high as 75%.

Some products are courses, and they produce recurring commission for you.

Once you have mastered the art of affiliate marketing, you can look forward to a regular income from Clickbank affiliate program.

2. Vendors

There are many vendors who are willing to guide you from scratch.

These are the ones who have written 100 pages guidebook to teach you about setting up website, and seo techniques.

They give the guidebook free to all the affiliate marketers who want to promote their products.

They are available to provide step-by-step guide if you care to join them in forums.

The affiliate tools are useful to a new affiliate marketer. You can simply download the sample PLR articles, ebooks for distribution, banners and text links. You can even find sample landing page for your website.

Even if you fail to make enough sales to get the first paycheck, the knowledge about affiliate marketing will help you in the long run.

Within Clickbank affiliate program, there are many programs that tailor to affiliate marketers.

Clickbank Pirates serves as a landing page with tool to help you build up a mailing list. Many new affiliate marketers are able to build up a list of 1000 subscribers within two weeks of using this program.

PLR Article A Day contains article pack specifically to promote a certain product in Clickbank. This will give you an idea of how to write articles for article marketing.

These are just two examples of how you can use products within Clickbank in order to succeed in Clickbank affiliate program.

Having said that, you must remember that Clickbank affiliate program is not the easiest affiliate program in the world.

If you want to join Clickbank affiliate program, you must prepare to work very hard for a few months. It is very rare for a newbie to get a sale within the first month of joining. Many super affiliate marketers are so good at keyword research that they do not waste time on article writing.

They commission ghostwriters to write 600 articles to promote just one specific product. Most of them upload 3000 or more articles to article directories every year. That is on top of the articles for their websites, and articles for email marketing.

If you check out Ezinearticles, you will find that the top writer has more than 24000 articles. This shows the dedication of webmasters to promote their products and services.

Since you are new to Clickbank affiliate marketing, you can learn to master the art of article marketing before you use ghostwriters.

You have to learn the art of article writing for the sake of promoting products. You have to learn to write at least 10 articles per day. It is best to write 30 articles per day to promote a single product.

You can see a number of sales if you use the tactic of writing 600 articles to promote a single product. The only thing that can go wrong with this strategy is in product selection. If you choose the wrong product, you will not make sales. That is why you have to pay attention to select good product that is beneficial to your readers.

I hope this article gives a realistic view of how tough and yet rewarding Clickbank affiliate program is. Before you join Clickbank affiliate program, you must have the mental mindset to work hard.