Introduction To Archery

 Archery is a well-known outdoors sport that isn't only used in hunting. Most people tend to think of bow hunting when it come to archery, but that's not it at all there's much more to it. Bow hunting is a common sport that's used by hunters to hunt animals, and make trophy. When it comes to archery bow hunting isn't the only thing you can do with a bow definitely not there's so much more to archery then simply hunting. Competition is one of the most used bow sports other than bow hunting.

 Competition includes tournaments, practice with friends, and perfection. Perfection is when you can hit the bull's eye on a target, and make your friends jealous. There are all types of things you can do in archery once you get into it. Practice is really necessary because you can't become a great archer if you don't practice. You can get a target they sell different types as well so if you want a deer or animal they sell those kinds of targets.

 Shooting a bow isn't hard, but it depends on which type of bow your shooting. In this article I will go over the main two types of bows. In both bows you have to practice especially the traditional bow you need to practice well to master that. Then there's a simpler one its the compound bow it is much easier to handle it doesn't need as much effort or even muscle. There are also the recurve, and crossbows but we wont discuss those since the recurve is almost the same as traditional, and crossbows are mainly machines.

Traditional Bow

 The traditional bow is the bow that does not have sights special levers, and other newer installments instead its a regular bow. It had been a very long time ago, and still is today. Its harder to handle then a compound bow most people prefer a traditional bow since its original. Traditional bow has no special features, sights, arrow rests etc. The only thing is that people tend to think its a real bow.

 People who use a traditional bow tend to have instinctive sighting. Instinctive sighting is when they aim, and know when to shoot it develops over time. To most people instinctive shootings a hard challenge so they prefer a compound bow that is easier, and much simpler. It's not just a challenge its about skill that develops over time as well as practice. It also lots of  determination for you to become a good archer.

  Shooting a traditional bow is quite hard at first. You have to practice allot until you master the traditional bow. Keep your feet in a 12 inch distance from each other this is important so you don't lose balance or mess up. Take the arrow and carefully put it on your bow there usually there's a rest to put it on, then slowly pull the bow-string back until it's almost touching your lips. Try to take a good aim once you have an aim just let the string go.

Shooting A Traditional Bow Image


Compound Bow

 The compound bow is a newer, simpler, faster, and better bow than the traditional bow because of its features. A compound bow has special features that let you shoot better as well as aim better than the regular bow. Compound bows are from the 1900s invented to make bow hunting or sport easier. Theres still a controversy because some people say its more of a machine than a bow. I still think that it's a bow even with its special add-ons.

 There are many features in a compound bow than the traditional bow, since compound bows are stronger and much more durable. The compound bow usually has a special paint job to camouflage the bow during hunting it also has special sights. Sights are better and there are up to 5 pin sights that work at different yards. Compounds also have silencers to quiet the bow when it shoots at a target. The compound bow is better, but shot the same way as the traditional bow so I would prefer compound still its up to you there both great bows.