Bamboo plants are a great decorative accent to any home or office. Bamboo is relatively low-maintenance, requiring little personal attention. Bamboo grows natively all around the world, most notably in East Asia. It can be used as building materials, food, and alternative medicine. For decorative purposes, you can use bamboo to brighten up any room.

Bamboo Plant


Bamboo plants need a lot of water. You should keep the water fresh by changing it at least once a week. At all times, make sure the level of water rises about an inch above the base of the canes. It's better to use filtered water or rain water to avoid the contaminants in tap water.


Bamboo is a living organism. It needs nutrients for growth beyond what water can provide. By mixing a solution with the water such as Super Green liquid plant food, you provide nutrients necessary for good bamboo health.


Bamboo plants for household purposes are typically sold in pots with small stones. However, bamboo can also grow in pots of soil as well. In this case, check the surface of the soil daily for dampness, and water when it feels dry.


In nature, bamboo grows in shaded areas of tropical forrests. Therefore, your bamboo plant does not need a lot of sunlight. Keep your bamboo in an area where it can receive a small amount of indirect sunlight to prevent drying out.


Bamboo should be kept in moderate temperatures. Ideal room temperatures for proper bamboo care should be between 65 and 70 degrees.

Health Problems

Your bamboo plant may undergo some health related problems at some point in its life. Symptoms may include yellow leaves or drying out. By making adjustments in the plant's diet and environment, in most cases you can prevent or remedy bamboo health problems. For yellow leaves, try moving the bamboo plant to a place with less direct sunlight. You can also use only filtered or natural spring water to avoid water with too much salt or flouride. To avoid root rot, be sure to change the water weekly and clean out any fallen leaves.


Bamboo has long been associated with luck and positive energy. Plants are commonly sold in stalks of three for luck, five for wealth, and six for health. Bamboo is a prominent figure in the Eastern practice of Feng Shui, which is meant to bring balance to an environment