Fun and easy to do, this easy crochet afghan pattern uses leftover
4-ply worsted weight yarn from other projects.
Each row is fastened off and the next row started with a
different color. Each row will take about 22 yards of yarn.
114 rows should measure 48x64 inches, although it could
easily made to any size you'd like.
This is a great beginner crochet afghan pattern. uses just basic
easy crochet stitches.

You will need a size J crochet hook and a 12 inch ruler.

The gauge; 2 pattern stitches = 1-inch
5 rows = 2-inches

Note; Start 12 inches from end of yarn at beginning of each row and leave
a 12 inch length of yarn at the end of each row for fringe.

Starting 12-inches from the end of your yarn, with white or another
light color,ch 115, fasten off leaving a 12 inch length of yarn.

Row 1; Join a bright color in the last ch, ch 1, sc in same
ch, draw up a lp in same ch, sk 1 ch, draw up a lp in next ch, yo and take
3 lps off hook, ch 1;*draw up a lp in same ch as last lp, sk 1 ch, draw up
lp in next ch, yo and take3 lps off hook, ch 1 (pattern made), repeat from* across.
Sc in last ch; fasten off and turn.

Row 2; Join dark color in last sc of row 1, ch 1,sc in same sc; *draw up lp
in same st, sk 1 st, draw up lp in next ch,yo and take 3 lps off hook,
ch 1, repeat from * across; fasten off, turn.

Rows 3 through 113; Repeat row 2 alternating colors, first white or pale
color, secon bright color, and third dark color.

Row 114; Join white or pale color in last sc and sl st in each st across,
fasten off.

Tie first 2 colors together in a knot, then tie next 2 colors, repeat across
the edge of afghan.
For second row of knots, start with second and third colors and continue
to tie across afghan.
For third row of knots, tie first and second colors together and repeat across.
Trim evenly from the third row of knots.
Repeat on the opposite side of afghan.

sc= single crochet
st= stitch
ch= chain
lp= loop
lps= loops
sk= skip
yo= yarn over

This is called a recession afghan, hopefully my directions will help
you creat a one of a kind work of art.
Use leftover yarn or pick your own colors, either way it is an easy
crochet afghan pattern.