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Beginner beer brewing kits can get you started on making homemade brew. Beer brewing has been taking place since the beginning of time. Brewing your own beer taste so much better than brand beers. It's fresher and actually home made brew beer is even healthier for you! Homemade brew increases your vitamin B6 absorption, and moderately drinking beer can promote good cholesterol levels in the body.

That's not to say it's a good idea to become an alcoholic. When drinking beer moderately, 1-2 glasses a day, studies have shown that beer can reduce coronary heart disease from 30-40%. Beginner beer brewing kits and beer supplies can get you started on learning the process of brewing your own beer. Beginner beer brewing kits are helpful for those who are new to brewing beer. Beer brewing kits can be pretty expensive, but can make for a fun hobby for beer brewing lovers.

It's really not complicated to brew beer, and the recipes are pretty simple. Ingredients for beer brewing include malt extract, water, starch, sugar, hops, and yeast. There's some easy home ingredients for beginner beer brewers to start with. I recommend checking ebay or amazon for a brewer's handbook. Most beginner brewing kits come with a brewing instructions, though.

Brewing beer supplies

Beginner beer brewing kits come with all the beer supplies needed to get started. If you're going to brew beer, it's recommended you do it like a garage, or private storage. The odor from brewing can be very strong, so you'll want to find a private location.

Common beer brewing kit supplies

  • bottle filler
  • hydrometer
  • siphon hose
  • airlock
  • 6.5 gallon primary fermenting bucket
  • 6.5 gallon bottling bucket
  • home made beer booklet
  • bucket lid with hole
  • bottle brush

Beginner beer brewing kits

Maestro Homebrew kit

One of the more popular beginner beer brewing kits available. A lot of different online stores have the maestro homebrew kit. Some of these home brew kits come with ingredient recipes for homemade beer. You can find the maestro homebrew kits at,, and

The product features: true brew handbook, 6.5 gallon primary fermenter bucket, 1 lid drilled & grommet, 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot, fermtech springless bottle filler, fermometer fermentation thermometer, true brew rack & fill kit, hydrometer, emily double lever capper, bottle brush, 3-piece airlock c-brite and sanitizer 8-pack.

Personal Home Brewery #1 - Standard

This beginner beer brewing kit is available for purchase at, and goes for a very low retail price of just $69.00, and comes with free shipping on products that are over $59.00. If you're looking to save money, and you're a beginner, then this might a good beer brewing kit for you. More advanced brewing kits include the deluxe, bottling deluxe, bottling super deluxe, and kegging super deluxe. These are much more expensive brew beer kits.

The product features: bottle of star sanitizer, 3/8" plastic bottle filler, bag of bottle caps, bottle capper, reusable mesh steeping bag, reusable mesh hop bags, home beer making book, bottle brush, plastic bucket fermenter, plastic bottling sanitation bucket with spigot, bucket lid with hold, airlock, rubber stopper with hole, hydrometer, hydrometer jar, 5th vinyl transfer tubing, 5 inch long dial thermometer.

Beer making starter plus kit with ingredients

Available at, a good beginner beer brewing kit that comes with specific beer making ingredients. It's helpful to find beginner beer brewing kits that come with beer ingredients as well. The optional ingredients can include North Rim Wheat, Altitude Amber, Northface Nutbrown, Ponderosa Porter, and Beartooth stout. A 20 dollar reduction for the beer brewing kit without ingredients.

The product features: 6.5 gallon fermenter with lid, 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot, 3 piece airlock, one-step sanitizer, siphon unit, crystal thermometer, bucket clip, quality bottle capper, 50 bottle caps, triple, scale hydrometer, bottle brush, hom beer making book, 21" stainless steel spoon, fermtech auto-siphon, John Palmer's "how to brew", choise of alpine brew kit, step-by-step instructions.