Top Ten Tips for Beginner Golfers

Thousands of people play golf but until you’ve held a golf club in your hand you don’t realize how satisfying and exciting it can be.

You’ve seen friends going out in all weathers, hoisting golf bags, trolleys, batteries and shoes and sports bags into the boot of their car and then you’ve seen them return hours later. You can’t understand what the attraction is, until you realize it’s an addiction.

When you ask them if they had a good game, they will either tell you they won or had a good game and enjoyed the day or they will moan about the fact that they kept hooking the ball or missing a putt just by a fraction.

 Golfers fall into two categorGolf Course(86085)Credit: jacksonggolfmethod.comies-those who play for the exercise, fresh air and company and come home relaxed and those who are fanatical about all the technical aspects of the game and who want to win, whatever format they are playing

However, if you take up golf, you will never regret the choice you made. It is a fantastic game and caters for all abilities and all personalities.


Here’s 10 Top Tips for a Beginner Golfer

1. Borrow golf clubsGolf Club and BallCredit:

 The first time to try golf, borrow a golf club. You will only need one, usually a Golf Club 7 iron. There is no point buying a whole set of golf clubs if you don’t enjoy your first few experiences. Golf shoes aren’t needed. Training shoes are perfectly adequate. Keep initial costs to essentials.

2. Book Lessons with a Professional

This is extremely important. Book a course of lessons with a professional coach and keep the same coach if you return for future lessons. You can do this at a golf driving range or visit your local golf club where the Pro will usually teach beginners who are not members.

It is not advisable to have lessons from your partner or a non-professional. They will teach you how they play and you are likely to pick up bad habits, which are difficult to change.

Invest in professional lessons and you will be rewarded with a solid base on which to progress.

3. Practise what your Professional taught you.Golf CoachingCredit:

It is natural to think that what you learnt in Week 1 will come back to you a week later when you return for your next lesson. It won’t! You are likely to have forgotten how exactly to hold the club or where to place your feet or how to swing. So, you must practise. You can practise the basic swing without a ball every day, or several times a day, even indoors if the cat doesn’t get in the way of your swing! Alternatively, return to the range, get a basket of balls and take your time with each ball. Don’t rush through the basket in 5 minutes. Do several practice swings before you actually address the ball and then hit it.

4. Watch Golf DVD’s about the Basic Skills

There are many golf DVD’s that will instruct you on the market. Ask your Professional which he recommends as it is likely he follows a particular coaching method. David Leadbetter’s series of Golf DVD’s are extremely well-respected. His DVD’s include the basic set up and swing to produce a consistent, effective golf swing, correct grip, posture and ball position, chipping and putting. His DVD’s will show you the game from tee to green.

5. Appreciate what you Can Do and Don’t David Leadbetter DVD'sCredit: golfvideosandbooks.comWorry about what you Can’t Do

It’s natural that you want to make fast progress so that you can play on a golf course but learning golf is a slow process. It is harder than you might think to hit a stationary ball. Be appreciative of what you have learnt so far and don’t compare yourself with your friends or other golfers who have played for a long time. Getting the basics right is so important.

6. Read and Learn the Rules of Golf

There are so many rules about the game that it’s advisable to start early learning a few simple ones. Get a Rules Book, “Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status 2012-2015” as approved by R&A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association.

The quotation inside the front cover reads,

"Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you can’t do either, do what is fair. But to do what is fair, you need to know the Rules of Golf.”

Golf is based on being honest and fair.

It is not advisable to try reading through the whole book of rules as you will frighten yourself. Just read ‘A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf’, at the beginning.


Another excellent book, which may be more appealing is, ‘The Golf Rules Dictionary’, by Hadyn Rutter. It contains lots of relevant photographs illustrating the rules but only dip into this book for specific rules at first. It is a very user-friendly golf rules book.


7. Talk to GolfersGolf SculptureCredit:

You will learn a lot from other golfers but don’t try to confuse yourself. Sometimes you will hear conflicting advice. However, you can always check with your Professional Coach. You will find it helpful to ask other golfers to clarify certain rules, though.

Later, you will find that you will remember a complicated rule once you have experienced that certain situation during a round of golf. You may have to ask your partner to tell you the rule and it’s always best to check their interpretation if you’re not sure, even if you’re not a beginner.

8. Watch Golfers in Action

Other golfers may swing differently from you, may have a different routine or putt in a strange style but you might find watching them helps your game. It may be that they take their time, which helps their mental attitude to controlling their shot.

 Rushing a stroke is fatal for the game of golf. Your ball can end up in the next field! So watch and learn!

9. Join a Golf CluGolf Coaching(86076)Credit: commons.wikimedia.orgb if you are becoming a real Golf Enthusiast

If you have now decided that golf is the best sport in the World then you may be ready to join a Golf Club. Take your time deciding. How far do you have to travel? Do they have a practice area? Is there a good social programme? Bear in mind how expensive joining will be so make sure it is definitely what you want to do.

10. Be Patient

Golf is the most frustrating game to play. One occasion you may feel you can’t make a bad shot, the next game you can’t do anything right. You must learn to take each game as it comes as successes and failures go hand in hand. However, if you are prepared to put in the practice regularly then you will never regret holding that 7 iron in your hand on your first golf lesson.

 If you would like to read more golf tips then read Tips for Beginning Golfers.

You will have experienced the greatest sport ever!

Royal and Ancient Golf ClubCredit: uwacadweb.uwyo.eduGolf on the teeCredit:

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